Parenting Tips for Modern Moms


Becoming the best mom possible is something every modern mother strives to do. Being an amazing mother means keeping your child’s best interests in mind and having the best intentions. Sometimes your actions may be faulty but you have to know that nobody’s perfect – not you, not your acquaintance who seems to have it all together, not even your child. A successful parent doesn’t equal a perfect parent; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for perfection. Here are some tips on how to become a better mom.

Set boundaries

Be the one in control. Children require boundaries because they help them comprehend and navigate a sometimes perplexing environment. Set limits to allow your children to safely explore and find what they’re passionate about. Though it’s great to be in charge as a parent, be careful not to clip your child’s wings. The goal of your toddler’s life is to develop independence. Allow them to put their own toys away, clear their plates from the table, and get dressed on their own as soon as they’re capable. It’s beneficial for a child’s self-esteem to give them responsibilities. It’s important to remember that discipline is not the same as punishment. Imposing boundaries is about teaching children how to function in the world and assisting them in being responsible, compassionate, and in command.

Don’t be a bad cop during mealtime

Being strict around food can lead to your child’s lifelong battle with food, making it a very touchy subject that needs to be carefully approached. If your toddler continuously refuses to eat the food you’ve been offering to them, keep your cool and just continue placing it in front of them, as a part of their meal. Be persistent and after some exposure, they’re guaranteed to try it again and have no issues with it. Avoid fighting over food with your youngster. A healthy kid understands how much to eat based on their intuition. Allow them to leave some food on their plate if they want to. They will not be left malnourished.

Cut yourself some slack

If you decide to order some takeout once in a while, that doesn’t instantly make you a bad parent. Learn how to say “no”. Combat the impulse to take on more responsibilities at work or to volunteer every weekend at your child’s school. Instead, spend more leisure time with your children. We promise you won’t regret it. Go on a walk or read them a great novel. Quality time should be something you both enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Surround yourself with people who are willing to help you. Your child’s father, your parents, in-laws, and your friends should all be an active part of your child’s life. If you find it hard to ask for help in real life, don’t fret. Apps such as Mumli are created with modern moms in mind and are here to help you with every step of motherhood. The non-judgmental community made up of other moms will have your back through the thick and thin and the expert advice offered on the app is sure to be useful.

You are their role model

Telling your child what you want them to do doesn’t suffice. Demonstrate. Humans are unique among creatures in that we can learn via imitation – it’s a crucial aspect of our social and emotional intelligence. We are wired to mimic other people’s activities in order to first comprehend them and later do them on our own. Children, in particular, pay close attention to everything their parents do, even if they don’t seem to. They are called little sponges for a reason. Therefore, exude qualities you want to instill in your children. Show them respect, have a positive outlook on life, and show empathy for their feelings. This is the only way to guarantee your little one will grow into a fully rounded person!