Promising Originality of Plywood


As we have invented and manufactured new things, people have also cleverly found ways to make copies of products and sell them as if they were the original product from the company. Counterfeit has increased to the extent that one cannot even imagine.

There is a duplicate for nearly everything in this world, and the majority of the time, it is very difficult to tell the difference between an original and its counterfeit or its phoney. Many firms have tried to combat this problem by using their unique ways to assure customers of their originality and high quality.

For example, CenturyPly has launched the Century Promise app, which can be downloaded on your devices to check for the originality of the product you bought. The company added a QR code that is unique to each of its products.

Customers can scan that QR code, and as a result, it will identify whether the originality of the plywood. After scanning, the QR code will tell whether it is an original product of CenturyPly or it is just a duplicate.

The Century app also gives more information about where that plywood was produced, and it would also contain a certificate of the e- warranty of the product that was purchased.

How to use the app?

  • The app can be downloaded from the Appstore or play store as it is compatible with both Apple and Android. It is very easy to use this app, and anyone can use it; one can surf through it with ease. The promise app is also free of cost, so customers don’t need to pay to download the app.
  • After installing the app, you need to log in if you’re an existing member or register if you are a new customer by entering personal details like name, member type, email ID, pin code, phone number, etc.
  • To verify if the plywood that you bought is authentic, there are two methods of doing it:
          If you choose to scan the QR code, then a scanner within the app will open up, and you can scan the QR code directly from there
        The other option is by manually uploading the QR code by writing the code in the space that would be provided on the screen.
  • After pressing continue, you will find out if the product is original or it.
        If it is a CenturyPly Genuine product, the code will be written under code details, and a whole product description will pop up on your screen.
    ✓    If it is not original, then the result will come as “not a CenturyPly genuine product.’
    After that, you will be given two options:
    Upload again – this is if you want to restart the process or scan another product
    Generate E-warranty – this is to create your e-warranty, and when you click it, then it will automatically be generated.
  • You can download it, and you will receive a message on the registered number and an email. You can also share that document through various social media.
    You can also stay updated on the latest offers on Century products and give feedback on products and services through the app.

This application is open for all to use – customers, contractors, Archietct ,Carpenter etc. it is very helpful as it helps customers know whether they are being given authentic plywood or being cheated. Retailers and sellers could also use the app to show customers that they are selling genuine products that are not fake or duplicate.

CenturyPly promises to deliver original plywood that can be checked on their mobile application. It ensures that no customer should receive any counterfeit products and should get a product for the value they paid.