Right Time to Buy an Air Cooler for Summer 2020

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The temperature in some parts of India has started to climb and soon, there will be the onset of summer 2020, a time when you feel uncomfortable due to excessive heat.

In the midst of the scorching times, when a cool breeze blows past, it feels nothing sort of magic. An air cooler can help you enjoy the cool air and let you relax and retire easily. But when it comes to buying an air cooler, what is the right time to do that? We will explore it in this short post!

When to buy an air cooler?

  1. The most obvious time about buying an air cooler in India will be when you want it. Yes, but it may not be prudent to do that during the peak summer months. Why? It is because it is the time when it is the season to buy an air cooler. Hence, the price of an air cooler may also go up. But it is also the time when newer models are launched in India. And you never know – the price of a newly launched model may be competitive considering the competition among brands.
  2. Many market studies and data suggest that the best time to buy an air cooler is between November to March as it may help you save thousands. It is because most of the people may look to buy a heater and not an air cooler. Thus, it will be an offseason for the air cooler market. Thus, when you search for an air cooler in the market or on an online portal, you may get it at a reduced price.
  3. Another best time to invest in an air cooler is when there is a festival season in India. It is the time when most of the offers and deals will be Live in the offline and online market. If you had plans to buy an air cooler, you may check out the same and may be surprised to get it a lower than expected price.
  4. One of the methods that can help you get the best of the price on an air cooler will be shopping around on a third-party website. This way, you will be able to dig out a deal that may match your needs and budget the best.

What are the best air coolers to buy in India for summer 2020?

Orient Electric Smartcool DX-CP2002H Room/Personal Air Cooler

  1. Capacity – 20 litres
  2. Power consumption – cooling – 140 W
  3. Cooling area – 150 sq ft
  4. 3 speed settings
  5. Dust filter
  6. Ice chamber
  7. Wheel support

You can buy this Orient air cooler in India at around Rs.4,900.

Symphony Ninja Personal Air Cooler

  1. Capacity – 17 litres
  2. Power consumption – cooling – 105 W
  3. Cooling area – 1000 cu ft
  4. 3 speed settings
  5. iPure Technology
  6. Cool flow dispenser
  7. Ice chamber
  8. Wheel support
  9. Inverter friendly

The price of this Symphony air cooler in India is around Rs.5,000.

Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

  1. Capacity – 55 litres
  2. Power consumption – cooling – 220 W
  3. 3 speed settings
  4. Low noise operation
  5. Auto fill feature
  6. Ice chamber
  7. Wheel support

You can bring home this Havells air cooler in India at around Rs.11,000.

The best of the time and situations when you purchase an air cooler in India is now discussed. You are also aware of the best of the air cooler models across leading brands in India and you can buy these air coolers at Vijay Sales on flexible EMI. If you are ready to buy, you can quickly compare their features and prices and then make your decision.


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