Say No to Oily Stains with Lucida Laminates


Be it ornamenting warm personal spaces or adorning spacious public buildings, or making any other living place aesthetic, experts can give a unanimous verdict that laminates can do the job in the most cost-efficient manner. They are versatile, flexible and most importantly, highly durable furniture building materials. As time passes, they are becoming more and more functional and decorative than ever.

One such aesthetical and viable type of laminate is Lucida by CenturyLaminates. Lucida laminates are characterised by a magnificent shine that lasts for a long time. They are made with premium quality resin and materials. The subjection to high pressure ensures that every consumer gets the best experience possible.

Lucida laminates have several features that make them the best choice for both personal properties and commercial projects. Some of these are:


Architectural psychology proves that the design of the spaces affects the mood and emotions of a person to a large extent. Lucida laminate sheets have a brilliant shine that lights up the room’s ambience and can make one feel more confident and happy. They are a balanced blend of style, sophistication and simplicity. A workplace with beautiful interiors can make employees feel at ease and enhance their mood. Hence, it can bring productivity.

Colour fastness: 

When exposed to various factors like weather changes or constant wiping, the gloss of other laminates reduces with time. However, the manufacturing process of laminates such as Lucida from CenturyLaminates prevents the colours from fading. Hence, one can expect that the laminates will stay as good as new for several years.

Thermal stability: 

The laminates are heat resistant. They can endure exposure to heat that is as high as 180 degrees Celsius and remain unaffected. Thus, they are highly operative in places, like the kitchen where interiors come in direct contact with heat sources.

Fire retardant: 

The average Indian kitchen is like a food laboratory. People keep trying to cook a new dish. Inexperience, carelessness or anything can cause mishaps. At such times, the space becomes susceptible to fire outbreaks. Lucida Laminates reduce the chances since they are treated with chemicals that make them. Without a permanent heat source, they cannot stay lit. Thus, they are conducive to safeguarding the life of the dwellers.


The curry-based Indian cuisine attains its flavour from spices, which are well roasted and cooked in greasy mediums such as oil and butter. Hence, all kitchen walls are generally exposed to stubborn oil stains. Lucida is the solution to the problem. Their glossy covering does not allow oil stains to stick to them. One can easily wipe off the oil with a cloth, and they remain as good as new.


The laminate sheets are made with advanced technology that makes them immune to any sudden collision. Whenever an object falls on them their upper layer remains unaffected. Hence, they are ideal for use in outdoor furniture, especially tables. With their strength, anyone’s workstation can become more convenient to use.

Scuff and mar-resistant: 

The top layer of the laminates is resistant to scuffing and marring. They do not easily form scratches or cuts when rubbed or scraped. Hence, they are the best for industrial spaces.


The Lucida Laminates are highly cost efficient. Hence, irrespective of their budget, anyone can find a laminate that will meet their requirements. Additionally, they are durable and low maintenance. Thus, one doesn’t have to periodically invest in house renovations.

Easy installation: 

The laminates are easy to work with and have a smooth and uniform surface. Hence, the carpenter can work at a faster rate with more accuracy. This saves one from labour expenses too.

Warranty assurance: 

CenturyLaminates offers a warranty of 7 years. Such a long warranty period not only reflects the sense of responsibility on the brand’s side but the confidence it has in its products too. Thus, the brand is highly assuring and reliable.

Safe and nontoxic:

Hospitals and kitchens easily get exposed to harmful microbes for obvious reasons. At these places, the ViroKill technology of Lucida Laminates can prove to be lucrative as it kills 99% of the bacteria.


CenturyLaminates, the manufacturer of Lucida Laminates, is one of the most trusted and coveted laminate manufacturers in India. They have an inclusive catalogue of numerous designs and a wide colour range of colours to choose from. With the excellence of an accomplished brand like Century, coupled with the radiant finish, there is no doubt in the functionality of Lucida Laminates, especially when it comes to dealing with oily and stubborn stains Indian spaces are vulnerable to.