Seven Easy Ways To Upgrade An Outdated Bathroom


A full bathroom refit can be chaotic and stressful; it is costly and inconvenient for the homeowners. Therefore, they often opt for minor upgrades instead of a complete overhaul.

You can upgrade your bathroom without removing all the fittings and fixtures in numerous ways. In fact, even small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to bathroom remodeling.

Cosmetic changes can offer significant value when selling the house. Approximately 26% of the sellers upgrade their bathroom in some way before selling their home, and that makes sense. The more attractive the bathroom, the more buyers it will lure in.

Bathroom remodeling can enhance your house’s value more prominently in a place like Tucson, with a competitive housing market. The average price of a home in Tucson was $330K in August 2023, up 3.1%from the last year.

However, even if you are not selling your house, undertaking future-oriented profitable bathroom upgrades is still a strategic approach – plus, these upgrades provide added comfort, and who doesn’t want that?

Below are some ideas for upgrading an outdated bathroom.

Consider a walk-in shower

Consider transforming your existing shower space into a walk-in shower. But what is actually a walk-in shower? It is a shower space without any enclosure or doors; thus, you can simply walkin without stepping over raised edges or thresholds.

While a walk-in shower can be installed in any house, it is often preferred for older adults.

A walk-in shower offers a safer showering space for older adults and those using walking aids like walkers and wheelchairs. That’s why a walk-in shower is an ideal upgrade for places like Tucson,where 14.8%ofthe population is 65 and above. Always work with the best Tucson walk-in showers company to incorporate walk-in showersin your house, ensuring that the material used is high-quality and the job is done perfectly.

Add a modern vanity unit

A modern vanity is where your grooming and self-care regime takes place – from applying face masks to exfoliating and applying hair gel. A modern vanity has the aesthetic appeal of transforming your bathroom singlehandedly, allowing you to enjoy your self-care routine more. So, when renovating the bathroom, consider making your vanity a space worth spending time on.

The best thing is that changing the vanity is often an easier upgrade, but yes, you will need professional services.

Select a feature vanity that aligns with and complementsyour bathroom’s existing décor and layout, and create a new and fresh feel.

Paint the bathroom with a new color

Painting your bathroom with a different color is the easiest project but with a considerable impact. Fresh paint can transform the entire space, making it look new and spotless, even without changing the existing fittings and fixtures.

If tiles in your bathroom are in good condition, choose a paint color that contrasts with them or opt for a hue that matches your tiles but with a lighter or darker shade.

If you’re also thinking about painting the ceiling, choose a paint with a sheen, especially if you’re using a darker shade. High-gloss paint is more durable, waterproof, and stain-resistant. Therefore, it’s also suitable for vanity cabinets, giving them a fresh, new appearance.

Upgrade the mirror

You can utilize mirrors to upgrade your bathroom. For instance, instead of opting for a hanging mirror, choose one with a cabinet behind it to keep your medicines and grooming products.

Add lights to the mirror cabinet to allow better visibility while making that spot in your bathroom more glamorous. For lighting, you will need an electrician—avoid DIYing; the task can be tricky.

You can also install mirrors integrated with technological features. For instance, a fogless mirror is suitable if the one in your bathroom fogs up after a hot bathroom. These fogless mirrors are integrated with a built-in heating element to prevent condensation.

Enhance your bathroom’s flooring

Upgrading the floor can dramatically change your bathroom. There are countless bathroom flooring ideas and options to choose from. There are traditional designs, modern high-gloss or smart geometric tiles, and sustainable alternatives like bamboo and cork, to mention a few. Regardless of the choice you make, it is definite that you will not regret your decision to upgrade the bathroom flooring.

In addition to adding solid floors, there are some options to make decorative upgrades in your bathroom. For instance, you should not underestimate the appeal of bathroom rugs; they introduce color, pattern, and texture to your bathroom without spending too much.

However, choose carefully, and if required, take the services of an expert, watch remodeling shows, or go through lifestyle magazines for ideas.

Elevate the basin backsplash

The area behind the basin is very small, but any changes made here can significantly impact the aesthetics of your bathroom. Since the basin backsplash comes into contact with water and soap splashes, it may show signs of wear and tear earlier than the rest of the bathroom.

One effective way to elevate the basin backsplash is by retiling it with tiles in a different color, texture, and design than the rest of your bathroom. This simple upgrade will help you renew this area and the bathroom without making changes to the rest of the room.

Among the many tile options available for backsplashes, choose modern and timeless options that won’t go out of style soon. You don’t want to redo the backsplash again if the trend goes out. Scallop or fish-scale-shaped tiles are pretty popular, as is the Moroccan-style tile.

Add a dramatic touch with a wallpaper

If you have a small bathroom but want a bold look, adding dramatic wallpaper to all the walls is a doable idea.

A wallpaper can be an impactful design element to transform your bathroom, infusing it with your personal touch. For this purpose, you can opt for a prominent and bold design or a mural while ensuring it aligns with your bathroom’s overall style.

You can choose floral patterns, geometric designs, or even textured wallpapers to add depth and character to the entire space. Installing wallpaper in a small bathroom makes it feel cozier, so choose the design that aligns with your desired ambiance.


Upgrading a tired and outdated bathroom without a major overhaul is quite possible. Some ideas for giving your bathroom an aesthetically appealing and functional facelift are mentioned above. Among all the ideas, the least costly and the most convenient way to upgrade a bathroom is removing clutter and unnecessary stuff, making room for more essential items. However, incorporating these tips, such as replacing your vanity or creating a walk-in shower, can not only add to your convenience but also increase your home’s value.