Signs that Shows that You Should Be Replacing You Air Conditioner Unit

There comes a time when your air conditioner will give up and breathe its last, however before you get stuck with a broken AC in the middle of summer, let us learn some signs to look for to know that it is time to replace your unit.

The signs point out that your air conditioner is about to conk out soon.

Sign 1: in case your appliance is more than 10 years’ old

In case your appliance is 10-year-old, the requirement for repair will become frequent and costly. The appliance starts extracting more energy thus generating high bills. Thus by replacing your appliance with a new model can save energy and cost.

Sign 2: you are paying a lot on its repair

If you have noticed that your air conditioner is demanding repairs now and then, also you are spending a lot on it then you require to change your appliance. This sign indicates that the air conditioner is wearing out. In case you are avoiding changing the appliance then you can even repair the component that is wearing out, however it is best to buy a new one rather than spending on regular repair and service.

Sign 3: if your room remains humid and there is an accumulation of dust as well

If you feel that your room even after switching on the air conditioner remains humid then there are chances that your ductwork system may be leaking, cracking, or is wearing out. Have a lookout if the appliance is accumulating more dust than it used to. You can get a service of getting duct cleaned or change your unit

Sign 4: your air conditioner is making a weird noise

In case, every time you switch your AC on, it produces weird sounds such as rattle, bang, or sigh. If this sound is generated regularly then you can be assured that some internal component is broken or damaged. However, a component doesn’t need to be broken, sometimes this happens in case your AC is about to wear out or retire. In such cases, the repair is just adding cost.

Sign 5: in case you are getting high bills

In case you have noticed that you are getting high bills just for cooling your room then it is certain that your air conditioner unit is pulling more power than usual. Sometimes you might even notice that your air conditioner is not cooling the room that efficiently.

How to choose a new air conditioner for your home

So by now, you have calculated all the signs your AC has been showing and have decided to buy a new one, then here are a few things that you need to consider before buying an air conditioner online or from a store.

  • Calculate the dimension of your room. The size of the room plays an important role as it allows for choosing the right ton of AC to ensure efficient cooling. For instance, you bought a powerful unit for a small room, this will cost you high bills and can make sitting in the room uncomfortable by making it too chilly. Like a 1.5-ton AC is appropriate for a room of 200 square feet.
  • Before buying research which air conditioner unit is highly energy star certified to ensure that it would provide better cooling while saving energy cost.
  • Focus on your budget. There are various types of AC, like window AC and split AC, installing them depends upon the space and the budget. A split AC is pricier than a window AC.

In conclusion with

Nobody wants to be stuck in hot weather with a broken air conditioner unit. Regular service and maintenance will ensure that your AC runs for a longer period, however, in case your AC has started troubling you apart from regular services then it’s time to replace it. Choose Sanyo AC to get the best value for your money with an AC that brings down the temperature faster than other AC’s and keeps the room cool for a long time.