Simplify Your Gear and Enjoy Real Camping with These Essentials


Experienced campers and hikers usually fall into two broad categories. The first is defined by a passion for investigating the most efficient and unique camping equipment. The second involves a greater focus on the ability to survive in the wild. When these two categories overlap, camping becomes an extremely rewarding experience. If you want to start taking camping more seriously, take a look at the gear you should be trying out on your next trip.

Compact Gadgets and Multitools

Packing light is the key to maximum efficiency and enjoyment when camping, especially on longer trips. Trying to hike with a heavy pack can quickly lead to fatigue and exhaustion. The lighter your load, the more fun you will have. Of course, you still need to bring enough to keep you safe while out in the wild. This is when multitools and compact devices come in handy. Small, simple pieces of design that serve more than one purpose will take up little space in your pack.

Water Filtration

Bringing enough drinking water can be difficult since it weighs a lot and is a challenge to transport. If you know your camping spot well, you will know where to find water sources or you can check your map to find them. You will need something to clean your water before drinking it. This can be done with filtration systems or by boiling it first.

Safety Gear

Since there are unfamiliar hazards in the wilderness, it’s important to be prepared. For hiking after sunset, make sure you have a torch with enough power. Many inexperienced campers forget just how vital it is to have good lighting. Always pack a first aid kit and learn how to use it before going on your trip. You never know when you might need it. If your first aid kit doesn’t already include one, make sure to bring an insulating blanket in case someone’s body temperature needs to be brought back to safe levels. This is a lightweight item worth remembering.

Efficient Sleeping Quarters

A standard tent is fine for ordinary camping, but for greater efficiency, you should research other sleeping options. Do you take your vehicle when camping? Explore RoofBunk for a roof tent to fit your car. Do you prefer seeing the night sky while you rest? Learn how to securely set up a hammock. These types of shelter are much more efficient and easier to pack than standard tents.

Weatherproof Apparel

What you wear while camping is your first line of defense against exposure. Check in advance what the temperature will be and what weather to expect. Being underdressed while camping can mean the difference between safety and severe illness or injury.

Since camping gear is so highly developed and impressive, it’s all too easy to become distracted by flashy equipment rather than taking in the wonders of nature. However, you can balance an appreciation for quality equipment with a love for the outdoors by combining the two in a practical manner. Use this brief guide to find the right gear for you that will enhance your adventures without obstructing them.