4 Common Tax Mistakes Millennials Are Guilty Of


One of the most interesting generation of this time, millennials, are likely enjoying themselves a little too much and failing to sort their obligations straight. Taking responsibility for their finances, especially filing taxes, might be the least of their priorities. These people either just started navigating their place in the real world or have settled […]

9 Life-Changing Habits Of Financially Stable People

Financially Stable People

Having stable finances is a dream of every individual. Not worrying about the future with regards to emergencies and other unexpected expenses seem like the perfect life. It’s attainable albeit requires a lot of discipline and commitment to developing life-changing financial habits. Getting stuck in a debt cycle and not having your finances under control […]

7 Ways To Save More And Spend Less

It seems too easy for us to spend our money—impulsive shopping, spontaneous road trip or weekend travels, and the likes. Eventually, we find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. That’s what happens when you live a “one-day millionaire” lifestyle. Regardless if you’re still studying or already working a 9-to-5, it’s never […]