The Main Types Of Plumbing Pipes Used In Homes


Whether you’re hiring a plumber or taking on a do it yourself (DIY) plumbing project, it can be quite confusing owing to the several types of plumbing pipes. When considering what pipe to buy think of which type of pipe you need either for drainage, sewer, water supply, or even for the outside of your home. Some pipes will not be the right fit for certain things, and you need to understand this before you pick. Here are some of the main types of plumbing pipes for your home.

PEX pipe

PEX is also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipe and is the newest and most popular pipes among homeowners and in the plumbing market. PEX is a pipe that is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the water supply but versatile enough to wave through basements, walls, crawlspaces, and ceilings. It can be easily installed by a home DIY plumber or a professional, it can attach to push-fit fittings and is highly flexible, cost-effective, and is able to join with copper piping if needed.

PVC pipe

PVC and CPVC pipe fittings are a drain or vent line of plumbing pipe which gained popularity due to the fact that it was lighter and easier to work with as compared to a traditional galvanized steel pipe. PVC is moderately easy to install, flexible, and requires a bit more than normal tools to be cut. It is easy to work with and quite affordable for long runs like irrigation or a big garden. Ensure that your piping is kept out of direct sunlight and that you get a professional to install it properly to prevent leaking.

Rigid copper pipe

Unlike PPR pipes and fittings, rigid copper pipes can easily be cut with a hacksaw or a special copper tube cutter. It is often used in water supply lines within the home and handles heat and intense pressure well, besides that it also doesn’t come with any health risks and is easy to recycle. Copper pipe maybe a bit on the expensive side but due to its various advantages it is worth investing in if you want your pipe to last longer. This kind of piping needs to be installed by a professional.

Flexible type connection

Flexible connections are also called flexis for short and are used in appliances and connections like water heaters, toilets, sinks, and more. They are also used in gas, domestic water supply and can tolerate high heat. This piping isn’t allowed inside walls or floors as they are thin and prone to breaking, they come in all shapes and sizes and if you are willing to invest in them for the long term they can fit in different areas.

Galvanized steel pipe

This type of pipe and cast-iron pipes are found in older homes and are infrequently installed. This piping was usually used for decades for drainage, water supply, gas supply, and a number of other purposes. Nowadays it is very rarely used in new construction and remodeling projects and at the end of each pipe individual pipes are screwed into each other with connecting fittings. Cast iron pipe is often used for sewer and other drainage purposes and is still found in a lot of old homes. It is normally difficult to cut and corrodes easily and needs to be cleaned and maintained a lot.

The Bottom Line

Each pipe comes with its own pros and cons and it all comes down to where and what purpose you are using it for. To start with always do some research on the type of piping you want and check online or at your local store. Most contractors or plumbing experts will recommend a couple of pipes for your needs and will also come and install the same at your home.