The Most Significant Properties of BWP Grade Plywood


No segment in the world has remained untouched by technology. Technology is present everywhere at all times. The methods of invention and innovation are applied to every aspect. It would seem like an absurd fact but manufacturers are applying the techniques of R&D in plywood as well.

The major manufacturers are investing heavily to find advanced products that will subside the limitation of old traditional plywood. The limitations like rotting and resistance to infection. We all know how traditional plywood is susceptible to rodents, borers, termites and water damage, etc. Recent advancement in this segment after the invention of BWP technology equipped plywood.

What is BWP plywood?

The first thing that you need to know is that BWP is not a model of plywood but rather a grading of plywood. A lot of people have a misconception that BWP is a model. BWP grade means boiling waterproof grade.

BWP grade plywood is highly resistant to high exposure to water, sunlight, and moisture. BWP is considered to be much better than its counterparts.

Uses of BWP plywood

BWP grade plywood is mainly used in places where the furniture is vulnerable to water and some kind of humidity. This plywood is used to make furniture in the patio area, kitchen, swimming pool, and bathroom.

All of these places have a lot of heat and moisture. In the kitchen, it is used for cabinets, drawers, loft, etc. In the bathroom, it can be used to make utility storage. In the patio area, it can be used to make center tables and chairs.

Few prominent properties of BWP grade plywood

  1. Resistant to water-

As already mentioned, BWP grade can resist water exposure. The pores of the surface of BWP are highly intact thus reducing the effect of water on the wood. It eliminates one of the limitations of traditional wood. The wood used to decapitate after a few months of normal wear and tear.

  1. Termite and borer resistance-

BWP grade plywood is generally treated with preservatives that impart the plywood with enhanced resistance to borer and termite attacks. This increases the quality of the woodwork that is done using this plywood.

  1. Anti-Warp-

Certain special sheets are processed to make them anti-warp. Wood warping was another limitation of traditional plywood. The BWP plywood is a strong surface which is highly durable. The increased durability makes them less susceptible to warping or bending.


Customers invest a heavy amount of money when they are building their homes. They invest money in the interiors as well as exteriors. It would be a very rare case these days when you will witness someone settling for less than what is available in the market.

The properties of BWP sheets make it the most popular choice in the market, presently. Not only customers, the professionals who are involved in this are also recommending the BWP grade plywood for furniture. It is considered to be highly economical as well.