Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind When Installing LED Downlights


The advent of LEDs has certainly illuminated our homes and commercial areas for the better. The best part is that they are better for the environment when compared to the incandescent lights, offer better illumination and are also budget friendly in nature. The best part is that they are available in an array of lights. One such kind is the downlight. These downlights have become a convenient and easy way to illuminate your residential or commercial space. Here are a few tips and tricks when installing these lights at your place.

Get the hang of the wall washing technique

Learn to master the art of spacing downlights in an even manner along a wall. In this way, you are going to wash the wall with one-of-a-kind scallops of lights. This works in the best way to highlight a specific piece of artwork. Even if you do not have artwork to display, wall washing is a good technique to fill a space up seamlessly and smoothly with ambient light. It makes certain the glare of an overhead downlight does not cause inconvenience. You can also try increasing the distance from the wall for a lower starting point of light.

Create depth and interest

To create interest and depth, you can use intelligent placements. Teaming downlights with adjustable beams intricately and in a manner where they are close together offers intense pools of light. This also provides good contrast as well as brilliant shadow effects.

It is vital to get your placing right

You have to make sure you get the placing right. This is particularly true if you are thinking of lighting high traffic common areas. This includes open plan living spaces. It is vital to evenly space downlights as this offers a more multipurpose functional lighting experience.

Get accent lighting in your favor

When you place LED downlights directly over a point of interest in a room, you create an interesting contrast. It even changes the atmosphere of the place for the better. You can place downlights over a stylish side table or ornament. This creates contrast and ambiance while still offers an element of task lighting.

Go in for dimmable downlights

It is vital to know that if you have a choice, it is always better to go in for downlights that are dimmable in nature. This ensures you obtain greater flexibility and adaptiveness in your lighting requirements. You can then adjust the intensity of the light in a manner that you want.

You can use accent lighting to your advantage

You can let your creativity flow and use accent lighting to your advantage. You can do this by placing downlights directly over a point of interest in a room. You can do this with an attractive side table or ornament. In this way, you can create a contrast as well as add ambiance while still offering an element of task lighting.

Pay attention to the finish of the lighting

If you have metal finished sockets and switches in the room, you should consider matching them with metal surrounds on the downlight. For the usual white plastic, you can get white metal, chrome as well as brass downlights.

Is it going to be your only light source?

Downlights are a wonderful way of lighting up a room but they usually give a spotlight effect. They do distribute the light in a certain location so you need a great deal of them if you want to light up a huge room. Other than this, you can also add another light source as an ‘ambient light’ and use downlights as spotlights in a room.

So there you go. While installing an LED lamp comes with its own set of perks, so does going in for downlights. If you are considering going in for the latter, see that you follow these above-mentioned tips and tricks to the T. It is sure to make the installation worth the time and effort you are investing in it.