Tips on Equagel Medical Pressure Cushion

Comfort works as a priority for the patient on a wheelchair. The design of the wheelchair and the cushion used not only adds to the comfort but also ensures that the patient does not suffer from any further ailments due to the use of the cushion. Opting for gel pressure cushion is one big time advantage for these patients as they tend to offer convenience not only to the patient but also to the caretaker. There is a wide range of wheelchair cushions available in the market and this can be confusing without any medical advice. Before opting for a specific type of cushion for a wheelchair it is advisable to consult your doctor to find out which type can work best for you.

Equagel Medical Pressure Cushion:

Equagel medical pressure cushion is made of equagel which is a polymer gel on the dry side. This is rubbery and has good compression strength and tensile for durability. The wall of gel is able to support a light load and when the load increases, it tends to buckle into a hollow area between the walls, passing the weight to the surrounding wall for pressure distribution and support.

These equagel cushions are made in two layers. The top layer made of a thick wall of gel is more comfortable. This is a grid with a gel wall apt for distribution of pressure.

The bottom layer of this cushion is thick with a wider grid helping in apt alignment in posture support which is more on the deeper side. These walls are robust which can prevent bottoming-out with normal usage.

Choosing Equagel Medical Pressure Cushions:

Once you have decided to opt for these equagel medical cushions the first step is to consult your doctor to find out which one works best for your requirement.

  • Cost factor: Different manufacturers tend to charge differently for these cushions. You need to go through the different websites to find out which one works out cost-effective and affordable. A little effort taken can help you to save big time.
  • Warranty: You need to ensure that you are offered some sort of warranty when you buy these equagel medical pressure cushion. You can also check out for the return policies of the different manufacturers.
  • Comfort level: Ensuring the cushion provides you with the required comfort is important or else you tend to suffer from additional ailments.
  • Size: As these equagel medical pressure cushions are available in a wide range of sizes it is important that you get the exact dimensions of the wheelchair before you opt for a specific one.
  • Type of cushions: You need to be aware that these cushions can be divided into three main categories according to the risk factor. Only a doctor can guide you the apt one. You have a choice between the high, medium or the low risk. This factor determines the possibility of sores.
  • Quality of gel: It is advisable to look for a manufacturer who gives priority to quality. Good quality gel used for these cushions allows ample circulation of air and looks into the ventilation requirement. This only means additional comfort without any problems.

Conducting an online search for the gel cushions makes the total process less daunting. You can go through the different reviews and ratings and opt for a manufacturer who offers quality cushions at reasonable prices. With an online search, you can also compare the different prices.

A little effort taken can only lead to a ‘comfortable’ choice of the equagel medical pressure cushion. The caretaker and the patient find a big relief by using these cushions.

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