Tips For Making Your Child’s First Day At School A Good One

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The first day of school or daycare is always hard on both the parent and the child. Sometimes the parents can’t help but feel guilty as they walk away from a tearful child who doesn’t quite grasp that it’s just for a few hours! It doesn’t have to inevitably be a gut-wrenching experience, if you take the time to plan ahead you can turn this day from a tearjerker into a celebration! Here are some tips to make the first day of school a treat for all involved:

  • Visit In Advance – Once you know where your child is headed, go pay a visit to the chosen institution well in advance to familiarize them, and you, with their new daytime location. For example, the dedicated professionals who offer high-quality childcare in Penrith are glad to have you come visit with your child prior to day one, they will suggest it in fact! Your child can meet their caregivers and teachers and begin to form a happy, healthy relationship with them while seeing all the fun things the facility has for them to do. This will go a long way to alleviating any fears or anxieties they might feel at the prospect of being away from mum and dad for the day with new people. You might even find your child can hardly wait for their first day to begin!
  • An Apple For Teacher – So a real apple isn’t probably the best idea these days, but it’s the thought that counts! Encourage your child to create an arts and crafts gift to give their new teacher or caregiver on the first day, something they will enjoy making and enjoy giving even more! Children love to be generous and make special things for special people, this charming act fosters creativity, and can change the focus from being a tearful farewell into an event the child looks forward to as they proudly present the gift they have lovingly crafted to the new adult in their life!
  • Go School Shopping – This can be the start of a yearly ritual that children and their parents will treasure for years to come. The backpack and clothing you pick out aren’t just everyday items, they are a school backpack and clothing, and that makes them very special indeed! Let your child pick out art and school supplies that excite them, as well as books they enjoy. Treat the whole day as if it’s an exciting occasion like a birthday, and your child will transform any reluctance for the upcoming first day of school into excitement at being able to show off their new school gear! The last and best trick in this book? Let them choose a special toy that has nothing to do with school as a reward for being such a good new student! Then they can take it with them for their first show and tell!

The Australian Department of Education has a wealth of information available for parents. We hope this article has helped make the first day of school easier for your child and for you!