Tips You Can Use When Keys Are Locked Inside the Car


Nothing can get more frustrating than accidentally leaving your car keys inside the car, which later gets locked. First of all, let’s accept the fact that it can happen to anybody as we are all humans. Now, the locking mechanism of a car is pretty broad and varies from model to model. Older cars can only be opened manually, whereas the new cars come with power locks with remote controls for opening.

Before applying the following methods, make sure what kind of door locking mechanism your car has.

Use a Credit Card

Before you try your luck with a credit card, make sure you that your car door has a standard spring lock and not a deadbolt one! And if that’s the case, you can use a credit card or another card of the same size. All you have got to do is wedge the card into the gap between the door and the frame. Try to bend it away from the knob, and you are in.

Trying Using a Rod And a ScrewDriver

The chances are you might have put your tools in the car itself, but if you can still find a screwdriver, it could do the trick! All you need is a screwdriver and a steel rod. If not a steel rod, any long & solid pole type instrument would do.

Use the screwdriver to open the door from the top slightly. As it opens a bit, slide the long rod in, and push the unlock button.

Warning:  Although this method works, you should still have to be careful with it. Using any metal rod to open the door could result in damage to the interior and exterior of your car.

A Shoestring Could Come Handy

It might sound too great to be true, but it can make all the difference. You can always find a shoestring in your shoes. Unfortunately, it can only work with the locking mechanism, which can only be unlocked by pulling up.

Start by making a small loop that should be lying in the middle of the shoelace. It will help you in tightening the lock when placed around the locking mechanism. Through the point where the door meets the car exterior, try to slide-in the string. Now, as the loop gets around the lock, pull it to tighten the loop. Pull the string up, and your job is done. It might take more than once; still, it’s worth the shot if you get it right.

Use an inflatable Wedge

An inflatable wedge is probably the best thing to go for when stuck in this kind of situation. You don’t want to spoil the paint of your car by using a screwdriver, do you? An inflatable wedge uses air pressure to force the door open.  It will give you enough space to insert a long rod or any instrument to push the unlock button. Above anything else, you will need a decent amount of patience and steady hands. As the trickier part is getting the rod to push on the unlock button.

A strip of plastic can do the trick

Keeping in mind the stuff that you could find around you when locked outside, a strip of plastic is much feasible option use in this case. All you have got to do is use a half bent plastic strip. Now, use it to slide through the crack of your car door. If you feel the need or more, you can also use a bunch of plastic wedges.

This method is also subjected to pull-up locks and other unlocking mechanisms that you can implement with any access tools.

Call AAA services

If you don’t have access to your credit as you left your wallet in the car, too, then it is better to get some help. Being one of the most renowned car service providers, AAA is probably your best bet in this scenario. If you have already registered for its services, you can call them, and someone will surely come to help you within half an hour. And even if you are not a member, you can become its member anytime you want. All you have got to do is call in, and someone will help you out.

If nothing works, use police/security services

If you think you are alone in an unknown place with no one around to help you, then you can try calling the police authorities. It is recommended that you should only try calling the police if no other option works out for you.

You won’t like to waste their time unnecessarily. Also, they might already have something more important to deal with. The good news is, the police officers have the necessary tools to open a car in these cases.

Final Words

These are the techniques that you can try to unlock your car. However, if you don’t want to try these methods, you can call an emergency car locksmith to unlock your car in minutes. This is one of the easiest things anyone can do in such conditions.