Top 10 Budget Friendly Steel Building Manufacturers In North Carolina

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Have you ever wondered where metal buildings come from? After the raw steel is produced in the factory, it is sent to manufacturers, who convert it into useable parts such as frames, posts, sliding panels, etc. The steel parts are dipped in hot, molten zinc to create a layer that prevents rusting. These manufacturers mass-produce materials, which are then sent to a metal building dealer to sell to their customers.

Here Are The Affordable Top 10 Best Metal Building Dealer In USA

Here, we have selected and listed some of the best metal building dealer in the USA. Our criteria have been quality materials, warranty on products, and quality of workmanship.

10. Carolina Carports Inc.

Since 1997, they have offered strong and reliable materials that last. You also get up to 20 years of warranty. Their steel is 100% American-made, which includes delivery and installation. They produce metal parts with the latest technology and engineer expertise.

You can order up to 60 feet wide clear span buildings and 20 feet high steel structures. From 12-gauge robust frames to maintenance instructions, you get the complete guide.


09. Eagle Carports Inc.

They provide quality craftsmanship and a product warranty of up to 20 years. They also have over 1000 combinations of steel structures from which to choose. And the cherry on the cake is their best customer service. You would be surprised that they manufacture over 50,000 metal buildings annually.


08. Steel Buildings & Structures Inc.

They deliver the best workmanship and offer up to 20 years warranty on various products. They also offer exceptional customer service. They are known for tubular frame metal buildings and are committed to providing steel at the most competitive pricing in the market.


07. American Steel Carports Inc.

It is a leading carport manufacturing company known for offering the best quality metal at affordable prices and low maintenance across the majority of US states. Their engineer-certified metal buildings also provide a 90 mile per hour wind warranty for harsh weather regions. You can choose from up to a dozen color options, along with 360° roof bracing.


06. Top Of The Line Buildings

TOL is a family-owned business that has been making premium-quality metal structures since 2003. They treat their buyers like family and provide unmatched services. They also offer luxury-style carports (widths of 12 to 30 feet).
You can get these as certified premium-style structures to confront harsh weather, such as up to 105 to 170 miles per hour wind resistance and up to 35 to 90 pounds per sq. ft. snow load. Along with it, you can choose between ½-inches bubble insulation or 2-inch fiberglass insulation.


05. EB Carports & Metal Structures Inc.

Located in Connecticut, USA, they are known for premium quality steel. They are customer-oriented manufacturers who offer sustainable and durable buildings at a competitive price. Most buildings are delivered within the first four weeks of ordering.

If you are looking for 100% galvanized steel, look no further than EB Carports & Metal Structures Inc. They also have certified structures from professional engineers.


04. Best Choice Metal Structures

Since 2018, they have won their customers by delivering top-quality steel, the best services, and unbeatable delivery times. They have a wide range of structures, from metal carports and garages to workshops and commercial structures.
Their buildings are cost-friendly and easy to install. You can order any structure, from a single/ double/triple-wide carport or garage to RV and boat covers.


03. Dream Carports And Building Inc.

They are leading manufacturers of all types of metal buildings, from carports to barns. They provide ‘clear coat’ galvanized steel with 29 or 26-gauge panels. They have been providing courteous customer service for 15 years.
Their final products meet and exceed specifications given by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). They offer certified structures that can bear snow loads of up to 10 to 60 pounds per sq. ft.


02. TNT Carport Inc.

If you are looking for PEMB, TNT Carports Inc. is a great choice. It started as a small family business and today marks its presence with over 100 employees. Metal buildings by TNT Carports are recyclable, need low upkeep, and are cost-effective.
There is a variety of roofing styles to choose from, from regular A-frame to vertical. For areas with extreme weather events, they offer certified structures that can withstand wind speeds up to 120 to 190 miles per hour and snow loads of up to 20 to 90 pounds per sq. ft.


01. Safeguard Metal Buildings

Looking for high quality metal building with durability? Design your dream garage or barn with Safeguard Metal Buildings. They offer certification of up to 130 miles per hour for wind and up to 30 pounds per sq. ft. for snow load.
You may be tempted to think that buying directly from a steel building manufacturer will save you money. And you won’t be wrong, but that’s only one side of the story. Let’s look at the other side.


Why Choose A Metal Building Dealer To Buy Steel Building Instead Of A Steel Building Manufacturer?

1). Manufacturers generally mass-produce steel building parts, so you may have to buy them in bulk. However, a metal dealer can customize the steel structure without any hassle.
2). The extra material will be of no use to you, resulting in a waste of money and material. Metal dealers only provide you with the material that you need. Hence, no need to buy extra.
3). Since the raw materials are produced in bulk by manufacturers, you may end up getting delayed service and delivery. All raw materials are packaged per your design, checked, and shipped, so you get delivered on the promised time by a dealer.
4). There are chances that some parts may go missing or misplaced with another, increasing the waiting time to get the right material. However, with steel dealers, you only get custom products, and the chances of any parts missing are slim.
5). You may not be able to customize the metal structure with a manufacturer. Still some of the best metal building dealers in the USA offer 3D design tools so you can design your very own metal building and view it on your property.
6). With manufacturers, the entire process will be hectic and consume a lot of time. With steel dealers, the entire process, from selecting the metal building to customizing and finally ordering, is smooth and hassle-free.
7). A manufacturer may not offer installation with the metal building. Still, you can always find a reliable metal dealer who offers a full package deal (raw material + shipping + installation) for a seamless experience.

Choose Quality Steel With Fast And Accurate Delivery

As we learn, buying from a manufacturer may seem like a good deal in hindsight, but it will be a lot more difficult to manage and keep up. So, choose a metal dealer for the best service, excellent craftsmanship, and better after-sales services.