Top 10 Cannabis Oil Manufacturer in the USA


What was once kept hidden from the people has now become the buzzword in society. Yes, you guessed that right. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is no longer a secret; it has become mainstream. It is among the top remedial choices for dealing with several health issues among 14% of Americans. The Gallop Poll also states that CBD products replace various allopathy medicines for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

CBD oil is one of the forms of cannabidiol available in the market. 60% of adults in the United States use this wellness product because of its potential health benefits. Thus, the number of CBD oil manufacturers is increasing day by day. And, as each manufacturer claims to be the best in the market, often choosing a trusted brand becomes challenging. So, this post has enlisted the top ten CBD oil manufacturers in the US.

1. CBD Genesis

1. CBD GenesisCBD Genesis promises to satisfy your recreational and medical needs with a focus on wellness. They are a wellness company that adds CBG and CBD, two of the most potential medical cannabinoids, to most of its CBD products.

This suggests that utilizing CBD oil of the highest caliber from CBD Genesis will raise your chances of experiencing the rapeutic advantages such as reduced stress, improved sleep, and a cheerful disposition.

CBD Genesis is one of the top manufacturers in the industry whose CBD oil is among the best-selling products made from full-spectrum CBD. They are also a reliable vendor of Delta 10 THC. You can read more on delta 10 legality here.


2. CV Sciences

2. CV SciencesAnother best CBD oil manufacturer includes CV Sciences, whose sole aim is to introduce healthy products for the benefit of their customers. They are also the makers of the PlusCBD oil brand, which has a track record of excellence and ensures safety, purity, and efficacy in the United States.

Made using full-spectrum CBD extract, this cannabis oil comes from only organicallycultivated hemp plants. You can also get their Happy Lane CBD products which they make using the Kentucky-grown hemp plants without any THC. They make unflavored CBD oil and peppermint CBD oil available at 119.99 dollars.


3. Charlotte’s Web

3. Charlotte's WebFounded in 2011 by 7 brothers, they are among the best CBD oil manufacturers. Some of their current product lines include CBD Clinic and CBDMedic. They ensure to combine CBD with pharmaceutical ingredients for prescription and over-the-counter use. Their unique formula for curating CBD oil distinguishes them from others. Their oils are available in several flavors, like chocolate, mint, orange blossom, and lemon.


4. Gaia Herbs

4. Gaia HerbsAnother renowned manufacturer- Gaia Herbs, offers a huge product line of organic supplements and remedies, including CBD oil in varying sizes. The company Gaia Herbs has committed to making sustainable and healthy products. They are a Certified B company, demonstrating its dedication to its social and environmental responsibilities. Products from Gaia Herbs are free of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and GMO seeds.


5. CBDistillery

5. CBDistilleryThe Denver, Colorado-based CBDistillery, established in 2016, offers reasonably priced CBD creams, isolates, pills, and oils. Their CBD products are free of THC and manufactured from industrial hemp that has not been genetically modified. Additionally, available wholesale, all of their goods have undergone independent testing.


6. NuLeaf Naturals

6. NuLeaf NaturalsNuLeaf Naturals, founded in 2014, offers an extensive product line made of natural ingredients. All their CBD oil and extract products are lab-tested, organic, and natural. They produce their whole-plant extract CBD using organic and sustainable agricultural techniques and a special CO2 extraction procedure that preserves the full range of cannabinoids. Their CBD oils are offered for sale around the country in a variety of dosages, both wholesale and retail.


7. Pure Hemp Botanicals

7. Pure Hemp BotanicalsPureHempBotanicals’s slogan, ‘Compassion in Action,’ shows how dedicated they are to producing CBD wellness products for consumers. Their only mission is to produce plant-based, sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan products for their consumers. Their CBD oils are available for human and animal use, making them stand out. They also offer various subscription plans that their customers can avail of to reap the benefits of their CBD oil every month based on their preference.


8. H. Hemp

8. H. HempThe Colorado, Boulder, and Los Angeles, California-based H. Hemp Company is committed to identifying all-natural pain and anxiety management methods. The H. Hemp Company sends all its goods to a third party for lab quality and security testing. They have developed a product line with the greatest products at the best prices because they have great faith in the effectiveness of CBD oil made from hemp.


9. Koi CBD

9. Koi CBDKoi CBD is a California-based company established in 2015. The business offers complete traceability for each product so that its consumers can rest assured that they receive the best CBD oil. Koi CBD sells gels, balms, vape bars, soft gels, gummies, hemp flowers, bath bombs, pet products, lotions, and oil tinctures and shots. Since many dislike CBD’s natural flavor, Koi CBD’s products are available in various flavors, including strawberry, orange, and peppermint.


10. Purespectrum

10. PurespectrumThe CEO of Pure Spectrum was raised on a farm in Kansas, even though the business is in Colorado. As a result, he has engendered a love of and respect for farmers in the group. In the past, Pure Spectrum has produced goods for athletes and has even collaborated with the American Olympic weightlifting squad.

The business offers athletes safe CBD products that adhere to the anti-doping regulations they must follow. Additionally, Pure Spectrum has supported over 100 professional athletes, and pure Spectrum, Black Label, and Endopet are just a few brands under its umbrella.


Final Thoughts

One of the best options for treating various health issues is CBD oil. Overall, CBD oil is secure for human consumption and beneficial for all users. All CBD oil products sold in the US must pass stringent quality testing to obtain the required certification. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ensures that all CBD oil producers make products that are up to standards and safe for ingestion by people. But make sure to consult an expert before starting to consume cannabis oil, particularly if you are a novice into this field. And never go beyond the prescribed dosage, as that can lead to unwanted effects.

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