Top 10 Vintage Engagement Ring Showrooms in London

Vintage Jewellery Shops

With us nearing the end of 2022, it is time to start anticipating the 2023 wedding season and planning engagements ahead of this time! There is nothing more magical than sealing your love and dedication to someone with a beautiful engagement ring. This is a promise for life, and you shouldn’t just be settling for any old engagement ring. However, keeping on the topic of old, perhaps it is the way forward. Antique and vintage engagement rings are the hot topic at the moment, and where else is best to find them than in one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world? London houses some of the most luxurious jewellery stores in the world. Whether you are simply looking for something old to complete the tradition, or you are wanting a timeless piece that comes with decades of history and personality, you will be sure to find the ring of your dreams in London.

To save the mileage of scouting around the extensive city of London, we have compiled a list of our favourites and top-rated Vintage jewellery showrooms in London. We could spend all day listing all the hidden gems, but if you are wanting to see the best quality pieces for yourself it would be well worth visiting the following stores:

1. Farringdon Jewellery – 4.9 Star Google Rating

Farringdon JewelleryThis is a showroom not to be missed! Farringdon Jewellery store in London’s Hatton Garden is one of the top-rated stores to find yourself the rarest and most unique vintage jewellery pieces. It is no surprise that this store is located in one of the world’s finest jewellery districts, housing the finest quality gemstone pieces from the most prestigious of eras.


2. Bear Brooksbank

Bear BrooksbankThe Bear Brooksbank showroom based in east London also houses some of the most unique, and bespoke vintage jewellery pieces. They specialise in commission pieces however they are still home to fine jewellery items such as engagement rings. The owner, Bear Brooksbank herself has an innate desire to bring to life inspired pieces from the past and make them just as desired today.


3. The Antique Jewellery Company- 4.9 Star Google Rating

The Antique Jewellery CompanyThis family-run jewellery company has over 50 years of experience in the antique jewellery industry, selling beautiful pieces based on the precise era and desired designs. Quality and rarity are some of their core values, much like you would hope to find in any potential partner. They love to work very closely with their customers to ensure they find the desired piece of choice. If you are also someone who values sustainability, they make sure that all of their pieces come from ethical procedures and are not contributing to the environment negatively in any way. A bonus!


4. Cavendish Jewellers – 4.8 Star Google Rating 

Cavendish JewellersYet another family-run jeweller, Cavendish Jewellers based in London and York has earnt their popularity title with their abundance of vintage engagement ring choices to choose from. Whether it is a bespoke Edwardian piece that you are looking for, or you are looking for a timeless solitaire engagement ring they house something for everyone.


5. Gatsby Jewellery – 

Gatsby JewelleryBased just outside of London in Essex, Gatsby is one of the top-rated jewellers in the UK for finding the best vintage jewellery pieces. After one of the owners training in the infamous Hatton Garden, home to the most bespoke jewellery, she decided to start her own business selling her own sourced pieces that tell their own story. They specialise in pieces from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco periods whilst still offering modern designs from the likes of Tiffany & Co.


6. Hancocks – 5 Star Google Rating

HancocksHancocks is a vintage jewellers based in the heart of London, and being established in 1849 it is almost a given that they are one of the most desired and knowledgeable vintage jewellery showrooms in London. Their stunning collections exceed engagement rings, here you will find vintage bracelets, diamond necklaces, and even tiaras from the earliest of periods. They are known as the jewellers to the royals for a reason, as their historical work for the monarchy is evidence enough for their valuable collections.


7. The London Victorian Ring Co. – 5-Star Google Rating

The London Victorian Ring CoYet another stunning addition to the infamous Hatton Garden jewellers, The London Victorian Ring Co houses some of the most wanted vintage and antique rings. Since its inception in 1890, this family-run business has been passionate about delivering the right pieces to the right customer.



8. Michael Rose London- 4.4- Star Google Rating

Michael Rose LondonIf no expense is too much for your loved one, Michael Rose London is a showroom that you and your partner should experience. Their prestigious range of antique and vintage pieces are some of the rarest and most complex pieces out there, so if you are looking for a show-stopping ring you can be sure to exceed your expectations here.


9. Berganza Ltd – 4.6 Google Star Google Rating

Berganza LtdBerganza is a London showroom favourite among all happy couples looking to seal their love with a bespoke engagement ring. They are home to vintage and antique pieces dating as far back as the bronze age, so if you are wanting a ring that will reflect the longevity of the marriage you hope to have, it is a no-brainer to look at Berganzas showrooms.


10. Grays Antiques – 4.1 Star Google Rating

Grays AntiquesGrays Antiques is an antique centre in Mayfair, housing an array of vintage items from art pieces, homeware such as glasses and luxury cushion covers, watches, and of course antique jewellery. Their hidden gems are not any average diamonds that you can pick up from the street. Their iconic ranges of rings have masses of history and beauty, so you won’t be disappointed if you wish to search for your dream engagement ring here.