Top 5 Affordable Zumba Classes Centers in London

Zumba is such a fun way to stay fit and enjoy yourself, and luckily if you live in London, there are plenty of affordable Zumba classes all over the city! We’re here to introduce 5 of the most fun and unique ones, so grab your favourite gym set and get ready to have a great time whilst also benefiting your mental and physical health!

In Zumba, you can burn between 300 and 900 calories per class, and it’s also great for targeting and toning lots of different muscle groups, as well as boosting your heart health and aerobic fitness too. It’s also great for helping you to de-stress, so it is a great thing to fit into your routine once or twice a week to help all areas of your physical and mental health!

1. Club Acuzar

First up we have Club Acuzar in Hammersmith, one of the best latin dance fitness centres in London. With everything from classic Zumba through to actual dance classes, Reggaeton and Bachata, there are such a wide range of fun classes for you to try. They do multi-buy deals to reduce the price so you can make it affordable too. They also do first dance wedding lessons! 10 Zumba lessons cost £100 when you buy the set of 10, which is a very reasonable price for fitness classes in London.


2. At Your Beat Studio

Next we’ve got At Your Beat Studio, located near Soho and Fitzrovia, which is all about diversifying fitness with the motto “Dance, Sweat, Repeat”. They’re really bringing something different to the dance fitness class world, from Ayb Body Party which is a sober rave featuring colourful lights and pumping tunes. They’ve also got Videobeat which features funky and fresh commercial songs you’ll love. There’s also Strutbeat, Bashmentbeat, K-Popbeat, Voguebeat and so much more, so you can try all the different classes and find what you love! One single class credit is £15, however if you buy packages of classes it knocks the price down, so a pack of 10 studio classes is £110, or £11 per class. Again, for London, this is a good deal and there’s so many different things to try out!


3. Fitness Fun Machine

Another great and affordable Zumba centre is Fitness Fun Machine, located across London with studios in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Kingston, Paddington and Surbiton. They offer both in person and live virtual classes, and are renowned for providing some of the most fun Zumba classes in London. They’re really big classes so it creates such a great atmosphere, you can usually get a free pass to try out, then after this the classes are £10 if you want to pay as you go, you can get 10 classes for £90 or 5 classes for £45.


4. Fitness First

If you’re wanting a gym membership as well as Zumba classes, then Fitness First is a great choice. With 18 gyms across London, from Bishopsgate to Brixton and Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road. All of the gyms have state of the art facilities and fantastic gym classes, from SHRED to Spin, HIIT to Bootcamp, Yoga and Pilates, as well as the all important Zumba! Now, this is a slightly more expensive option, with the gym memberships starting from £65 in London and going up to around £115. However, if you want to do 2 Zumba classes a week, then the membership pays for itself and you also get the gym membership too! You also get multi-club access that allows you to use some other clubs as well depending on the one you joined, so you have flexibility to use different clubs around the city.


5. GloriaZumbaZin

Last but certainly not least, we have GloriaZumbaZin, with classes across London including outdoor Zumba! You get the benefit of being outside in the fresh air, along with enjoying a fun Zumba class! This is also one of the most affordable Zumba classes in London, costing just £8 per class for one class, or you can get 5 class passes for £35! They’d always recommend that you pre-book a slot to avoid disappointment, you can also make group bookings too.