Top 5 Beach Resorts You Can Stay in Goa

The Leela Goa

It is true that you do not need money to make something memorable, but having money helps! Not having money and resorting to a modest trip is acceptable, but cheaping out on something to save money is not. Plan a trip to Goa this time and book a stay at one of its finest resorts and you will feel the difference!

The sole purpose of taking a vacation is to get away from your busy day to day life and reward yourself with a nice relaxing time, but when you try to cheap out and are not willing to spend the money you earned on your trip and go for a budget travel and travelling by the cheapest means of transport and accommodation, it only tires you and apart from being introduced to a new place and experiencing a new culture, there is no ‘relaxation’ and serenity in that trip. Especially when you have reached that age in life when your body cannot handle all of that anymore. Either travel big or stay home and treat yourself at a spa or go for a nightout at a 5-star hotel and shake of your stress! This vacation, go on book flight tickets for you and your partner and enjoy a nice stay in one of the finest beach resorts.

The Goa Marriott Resort and Spa

The Goa Marriott Resort and Spa

This was the first Marriott hotel in India which came into existence in the year 1999. Located in possibly one of the most prime locations in Goa, this place is swanky and fancy as you would like it to be. The resort has 180 rooms in total, a private beach, a beautiful casino, gym, pool, spa and yoga facilities. Charges start from 10,000 rupees onwards, which is totally worth it considering what you are getting.

The Leela

The Leela Goa

You have probably heard the name of this luxury line of hotels earlier. There is no point for guessing that the name Leela resonates with the best in accommodation in India. With everything else like the Marriott has, the added bonus in this resort is the 12-hole golf course for the golf enthusiasts. The prices of the rooms are almost similar to that of the Marriott.

The Park Hyatt

Park_Hyatt Goa

The Park Hyatt is situated on Arossim beach in south Goa, around 20 minutes from the air terminal. It has one of the top extravagance spas in India, making it an incredible spot to spoil yourself and loosen up. It’s additionally an engaging inn for families, with the Camp Hyatt project being a most loved for kids. The inn has an enormous swimming pool in the midst of wonderfully finished grounds, and an appealing long clean shoreline. Different exercises offered by the inn are water games and yoga. It’s conceivable to get a twofold space for 8,500 rupees for one night, including tax.

The Alila Diwa

The Alila Diwa Goa

Alila Diwa is a moderately new resort in Goa. It opened in 2009 and is arranged in south Goa, around 20 minutes from the airport. What separates it from other lavish lodgings in the territory is that it’s not specifically on the shoreline. Or maybe, it’s encompassed by 12 sections of land of rich green paddy fields – exceptionally invigorating and quiet to be sure. Gonsua shoreline in Majorda is just a 10 minute leave. There’s a free transport too, and the lodging gives sun loungers on the shoreline.

The Taj Exotica

The Taj Exotica Goa

The Mediterranean themed Taj Exotica has an engaging laid back south Goa area, on unspoiled Varca beach. Visitors rave about the commendable customized administration. The inn additionally has an incredible scope of offices including green, spa, swimming pool, and night amusement. In the event that you truly need to enjoy, book into the Sunset Villa with its own particular private dive pool. Room rates begin from around 9,000 rupees for every night for a double bed.


Goa is one destination where you can visit with minimal budget. The F&B are cheap and so is the cost of living. You can easily get by living a cheap lifestyle, but while that may be fun while you are young, once you have reached a certain age, you need to maintain your own, especially if you are traveling with your loved one. Make them feel special, and do something special like booking a place in one of these beautiful beach resorts. 10,000 per night for staying at a beautiful beach resort is worth every penny.