Top 5 Best Cities To Visit In Italy


Clothes packed up, suitcase waiting at the door, the flight’s already booked, and you ready to hop on the very first plane. Yet,

Still, one thing is what you are maybe not so sure of!


If your time in Italy is super tight and have only a few days to spend there, wouldn’t be smart of you to profit from it as much as possible?!

Here is the deal! We would like to make things simple for you and provide you with a list of the top notch 5 cities to visit in Italy, that once there, I am sure you will beg for time!

In between, if I were, I’d bow before my boss for even another hour in Italy,

Man! It is just worth it!

So let’s get to the real work and enough dwelling on these lines,

Ready? Let’s jump into the very first Italian city with a fat place in your busy schedule,

1. Rome


The saying “All roads lead to Rome” is not just crafted for granted at all,

It is true, and it is real,

Rome is a magnet to millions of tourists from all walks of life.

But what’s so magical about this city that makes anyone talk about it and people from all walks of life flock towards it, year in and year out?

Here is the deal,

It is really hard to tell what exactly makes this city so precious. But, one thing it definitely has that make all the fingers pointed towards her! In AWE of course, not an accusation!


It doesn’t matter if you are a history addict, a nature maniac or even a fun lover. A room for you is definitely guaranteed in the heart of Rome.

Don’t believe a word of what I said above?


See these places yourself and let me you that wasn’t just mere empty talking.

  • The Colosseum
  • the Pantheon
  • Fontana del Nettuno in Piazza Navona
  • Piazza di San Pietro

And here are some of the best activities to do in Rome:

  • Biking
  • Segway
  • Scooter renting

And so much more.

2. Venice


Venice is the capital of the Veneto region, a part of Northern Italy.

Venice is jewel built on water. The charm Venice has is just incomparable to any other Italian city.

The entire place is built on a lagoon within the Adriatic sea. Having no roads, the city relies on a series of canals; which is also one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.

Why Should You Visit Venice?

No One Can Resist A Gondola and Canals

Venice features an intricate network of canals. The main form of transport is the gondola. The entire experience is not only one of a kind, but it’s also very romantic.

Catchy Architecture

Venice has its own mesmerizing brand of architecture that is a mix of Renaissance, Gothic and Byzantine style.

And here top places to visit in Venice:

Places To Visit In Venice

Grand Canal

The most famous canal in Venice. The canal also features the Rialto bridge, which is famous in its own right.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

A landmark cathedral, and especially famous for its gilded domes.

3. Florence


Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy. It’s one of the centers when it comes to Renaissance architecture and art. In fact, while exploring the city, there’s always another art masterpiece waiting for you at the next corner.

Reasons To Visit Florence

Taste The Finest Of Wine

Tuscany is one of the biggest producers of fine wine in the world. Just be careful when it comes to the wine tasting as there are tons of wines to taste and you might end up in an “altered state.”

Savor The Catchy Art

When in Florence, you can’t miss the art masterpieces as it’s one of the few places in the world that features true Renaissance art.

Places To Visit In Florence

Florence Cathedral

One of the few medieval cathedral that is still standing today. It’s also famous for its red dome.

Uffizi Gallery

That’s a museum that houses the most number of Renaissance art masterpieces in the world.

4. Milan


Milan is a bustling metropolis in the Lombardy region, a northern part of Italy. For many people, Milan is synonymous with fashion and design, and they are not mistaken. However, the sense of style is not the only thing that you can find in Milan, it’s also easy to get lost with the many artistic and cultural wonders.

Why Should I Visit Milan?

Milan Has The Yummiest Food:

Milan is a culinary delight, especially if you are fond of traditionally prepared meat and cheese.

Hotels For All Budgets:

Milan features a lot of seriously stunning hotels. Some of these hotels have been running for centuries.

Places To Visit In Milan

Milan Cathedral

This one is a masterpiece, a Gothic masterpiece to be exact. It is a massive and eye-catching place. No doubt it should be placed at the top of your To-Visit List!

Sforza Castle

That’s formidable fortress built during the Medieval ages. It also houses countless art treasures. These, you need to catch each one in a photo!

5. Naples


Naples is a city that is found in the southern part of Italy. The city is also known to be the gate to the Bay Of Naples. Another interesting addition to the city is the nearby Mount Vesuvius, a still-active volcano that destroyed the famous town of Pompei.

Why Should You Visit Naples?

Get To Eat The Best Italian Pizza

Naples not only features the best pizza in the world, but a lot would also claim that it’s the birthplace of the dish. Either way, what matters is getting a good bite of pizza and let every vein in your tongue enjoy the taste.

Go back in time and see what art has to tell you!

Naples is home to some of the iconic masterpieces from Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio.

Places To Visit In Naples


That’s an excavated town that is tragically destroyed by the nearby active volcano.

Naples National Archeological Museum

You will find plenty of ancient art, coins, sculptures and mosaics here. Any historical treasures that are found in Pompeii are also housed in this museum.


There you have it guys! Those are the top 5 cities to visit in Italy, and you can find their full travel guide, along other Italian cities, travel guides here.

Now, can I ask you for a favor? Leave a comment and let us know what other Italian cities you have in mind for your next trip?


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