Top 7 Budget-Friendly Gifts for International Women’s Day

DIY Gift

International Women’s Day Gifts don’t have to be expensive they just have to be unique enough to surprise your woman and show her that you are glad that she is a part of your life. This is an important day fir all the women all over the world and has to be celebrated in a special way. There are plenty of Inexpensive girl’s gift ideas that will be impressive for any woman. Here are seven of them.

DIY Gift for Your Mother

Try being creative this year and hand over a hand made gift to that special woman in your life. Women are very special and they endure a lot of hardship to ensure that we have everything we need in our daily life. Add a personal touch to your gift by creating it yourself. This may not be expensive but the effort will be highly appreciated. When creating a homemade gift, try to come up with s practical gift that can be used at home or anywhere so that the recipient will always remember you for. The simplest gift I can think about for the moment especially for your mom is a rolling pin for her kitchen. This is a very meaningful that shows her how much you always enjoy her cooking. You can also make a lovely shoe rack for her wardrobe. Practical gifts are the best easy to reward someone you love.

A Lovely Gift basket

A gift basket is also another inexpensive gift for an intelligent international woman. This requires some creativity too and you have to be unique if you choose to go for a gift basket. You alone knows what your woman likes so fill the gift basket with all the goodies she will appreciate. My gift basket thoughts have driven me to cosmetics. Women love looking good and you will never go wrong with a gift basket that is full of cosmetics to make her look beautiful during this day. Choose a color theme that is impressive. It should be bright to show her how much she always brightens up your day. Package the gift basket in a very cute way and present it with lovely international women’s day flower arrangements to make it even special. This will surely put a wide smile on her face and the gesture will be uncomfortable.

Get Her an Empowering Book

This is no doubt a special day and you have to give her something special to show your appreciation for her goodness in your life. Knowledge is key to anyone’s life and the best way to reward our women is to give them a piece of knowledge. You can do this by going to the bookshop and get her a very powerful gift that not only increase her knowledge, but also inspire her to be a greater person in life. This is easy since there are many inspiring books available in the market these days. In this digital era, you cab even download an eBook fie her so that she can access it through her phone.

Organize for Ladies-Only Party

Women's Day

She has been working hard all year long and is time to unwind. The best way to help her with that is to organize for ladies only party and invite all of her friends so that they could have lots of fun together. It doesn’t have to be a big party. The venue can even be your house or your backyard. Get drinks and delicious food and don’t forget to decorate the place with beautiful flower arrangement to bring out the party feeling. Ladies love colorful stuff so make it colorful. Make it a surprise if you can to make it even merrier. Since it is only for the ladies, if you are a guy, leave them to enjoy them as they reminisce on the olden days. This will surely help her relax and she will be very grateful for the treat.

Cook Her Very Nice Meal Food

Women are always in the kitchen trying to fix us a hot plate of delicious food. This time let them be at the receiving end. Cooking a nice meal won’t cost you much. The only problem will be if you don’t know how to cook. This is a problem for many men, but with the help of a good cook book you can overcome this minor setback. Google on how to create her favorite meal and see what might pop up. It can also be a very simple meal like two batches of those special cookies everyone loves so much. This is a nice gift to show appreciation.

A Picture

They say that a picture is worth a thousand of words. If you want to reminisce on the old golden days you can compile an album for her so that you can go through them together as you chat of how far you have come together and how grateful you are to God for bringing her in your life. This is a small but wonderful gesture that can be appreciated with both your mum, sister or wife. Women are dear to us so lets show them love this coming International Day for Women.


A flower are the most popular gifts for International Women’s Day and has become a tradition to present them as gifts during this occasion. The thing about international women’s day flowers is that they have to be significant and convey a special message for our women. You can’t just pick any flower from a flower delivery and hand them over to your woman. Choose a flower that represents the values of a woman. Pink are a very feminine flower color to go for and any woman will appreciate. Since they are a cliché you can try out a different approach of presentation. You can opt for a potted plant or fresh cut International Women’s Day bouquets or beautiful and other unique arrangements made with dried flowers. The best way to avoid pricey flowers is to purchase them early before the occasion since prices shoot on that particular day.