Best Top Android and iOS Development Companies in Riyadh

IOS app development

Mobile app development is referred to as the process of creating, launching, and designing the software application. It deals with all those applications that can easily be run on mobile devices. It is helpful in creating installable software bundles like codes, debugging, and many more. With time, many mobile app companies have come into the market with their new innovative plans and ideas.

Mobile applications have become the heart of the digital world with the increasing quantity of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Mobile applications mostly build for the operating system of Android and iOS. App development is much similar with the software development which includes web apps, gaming apps, and many more. Some of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Riyadh are as follows:

  1. Brill Mindz
  2. Alif Solutions Riyadh
  3. Softclain Technologies
  4. Cipher Solutions
  5. Mediatech Solution
  6. Creative Solutions
  7. Orbit Beam
  8. Olivo Technologies
  9. CodeLab Saudi
  10. Saudi Business Solutions (SBS)

Brill Mindz

Brill Mindz is the leading mobile app development company that offers the services of mobile application development of the highest quality. It helps the users in developing Android, Flutter, iOS, and Windows applications. It is best known because of its high-quality services of Mobile App Development, Game App Development, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR Development, and many more. It is used by E-Commerce, Retail, HealthCare, Real-Estate, and many more companies.

Address: 4117 المرج, Dhahrat Laban, Riyadh 13782, Saudi Arabia

Phone: 095384 48421

Alif Solutions Riyadh

Alif Solutions is another web and mobile development company consisting of professional designers and developers that help the users in developing mobile applications. It offers the services of web development, mobile app development, software development, and many more. It is equally beneficial in full-filling all the business development needs for IT solutions. Different iPhone and iPad Apps are designed by them that help the users in growing their businesses.

Address: Abi Tahir Al Dhahabi St, Al Mutamarat, MBC Group, Abu، Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 55 599 9120

Softclain Technologies

Softclain Technologies is a software development company that helpsusers grow their businesses through custom software development, QA, product design, and many more. It offers the services of mobile development, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, and web development. It is equally beneficial in ensuring the high standards projects for the businesses. It is best known because of its on-time project delivery promise, enriched SDLC development models, 100% result-oriented solutions, and many more.

Address: 4415 Eastern Ring Branch Rd, King Abdullah Dt., 8094, Riyadh 12424, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 528 8143

Cipher Solutions

Cipher Solutions is acustom application development company that helps businesses by simplifying complex management systems with web solutions, and new mobile applications. They work on a unique formula that blends innovative artists and creative brains with brilliant and enthusiastic technologists. It is best known for its quality work, service orientation, technology excellence, and many more. It offers the services of Website Development, Business Services, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, and many more.

Address: 3946 Anas Ibn Malik Rd, Alyasmin, Riyadh 13325, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 50 150 4980

Mediatech Solution

Mediatech Solution is the Best Website Designing and App Development Company that provides digital services for businesses. It helpusers to boost their businesses through different advertising and marketing strategies. It is equally beneficial in iPhone App Development, Windows Phone App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, and many more. It offers the services of graphic designing, web designing, portfolio, and mobile app development.

Address: Riyadh Saudi Arabia، Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 55 166 8081

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is the leading web designing and mobile app development company that offers different IT solutions to major businesses. It is best known for its ability to create high-performance and digitally transformative smartphone applications. It provides the services of networking solutions, technical consulting, and system integration. It is helpful in documentation management, information center, outlet management, attendance management, and many more. Web Development and SEO services can also be managed by this company.

Address: Wadi AlDawasir Street, Al Olaya, Riyadh 12211, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 59 345 3627

Orbit Beam

Orbit Beam is a full-featured mobile app development company that helps users design and develop custom mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. It offers the E-commerce website package at an affordable cost. It provides the services of Software Development, Web Development, iPhone App Development, and many more. It helpsusers grow their businesses by designing an innovative website for them.

Address: Abdulrahman Ibn Ali Al Ash Shaikh, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12243, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 54 265 1001

Olivo Technologies

Olivo Technologies is a leading IT solution provider that allows the company officials to fulfill the requirement of clients. It is helpful in accounting, inventory, fixed asset management, and many more. Moreover, it offers website and app development services at an affordable cost. These are responsible for High Data Security and Multi-user access. It supports integration with ERP applications and can easily create invoices at Point of Sales and collect payment.

Address: Al Malaz, Fatimah Az Zahra Jarir, Riyadh 11422, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 50 619 5881

CodeLab Saudi

CodeLab Saudi is the best company of world-class consultants. It helps the users to grow their businesses while adopting the latest technology. It supports business automation by providing transparency and can facilitate compliance across all business processes. It works best for the industries of Healthcare, Enterprise, Finance, and Education. It uses process automation technology to minimize errors and can increase the transparency and speed of processing.

Address: Building # 15, 2342 – Qurtubah Dist. RIYADH 13244 – 7680 ٌRiyadh Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 55 511 2744

Saudi Business Solutions (SBS)

Saudi Business Solutions (SBS) is the leading communications and information technology provider that help users to grow their businesses. It provides the services of software development, technical outreaching, system integration, and many more. It helps consult, design, and implement. The main goal of their company is to provide an advanced and reliable information technology solution to all their customers.

Address: 6173 Samahat Ash Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz St, Al Badi’ah, Riyadh 12748 2088، Riyadh 11758, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 56 666 3665


The above article shows all the Top Android and iOS development companies in Riyadh. All of these companies offer the services of website development and application development. These companies work for the platform of Android and iOS. Moreover, these companies provide digital marketing, networking, and technical consultancy services.In this article, all the characteristics of top app development companies in Riyadh are given that help the people of Riyadh choose the best service provider for them.