Top Electric Cycle Brands in India


Electric Cycle in India is available in various different sizes, shapes, and color combinations. These electric cycles are very affordable as compared to petrol or electric scooters. Apart from that these scooters need less maintenance cost and are environmentally friendly. One of the interesting things is these cycles need less running cost as compared to other EV vehicles.

If you are searching best affordable electric cycle in India then you have landed at the right place.

Here is the list of the top 10 Electric cycle brands in India.

Hero Lectro

heroHero is the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing brand. Apart from that, Hero Cycles is a leader in India with a market share of over 43 percent. Hero electric cycle pricing starts from 27k, in which you will get a 30 Km range on the throttle after that you can use pedaling to cover extra distance. You don’t need to worry about charging your electric cycle, pedaling mode helps to cover your extra mile with some minimum effort.



emotoradEmotorad is a leading brand in electric cycles and provides various types of electric cycles according to your budget. Emortorad is designed electric cycle for every type of user in India. Emortorad electric cycles are affordable as compared to hero cycles. The starting price of the Emotorad cycle is 25k with the front suspension under this budget.

You can visit this page to select an electric bike for yourself:

Geekay Bikes

geekayGreekay Bikes is another famous electric cycle brand in India and is located in Mumbai Maharashtra India. In the past few days, the company created a buzz around its products by offering unique features and benefits. This brand has been providing high-quality bike and cycle parts since 1961.



StryderStryder is another famous TATA brand in the cycle industry and offers various types of cycles for Men and Women. Stryder is a leading brand in India and offers electric cycle, Premium cycle, Mountain cycle, SLR, Kids, and Roadster cycles. The Stryder cycle is available at more than 4,000 retail outlets in India. Stryder electric cycle range starts from 27k with basic features.


Nexzu mobility limited

NexzuNexzu Mobility limited is another famous electric cycle brand headquartered in Mumbai, India. This brand was founded in 2020 and manufactures good and affordable electric cycles in India. Nexzu is a rebranding of Avon motors, an existing two-wheeler company in India.



motovoltMotovolt Mobility Private Limited is an Indian electric cycle brand headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. It was founded in 2018 with a vision to inspire the e-mobility revolution in India. Motovolt electric cycle range starts from 32K with the rage of 40km for a single charge.


Avon Cycles Limited

AvonAvon Cycles Limited is one of the oldest and leading bicycle manufacturers in India. It was founded in 1948 as a bicycle saddle and brake manufacturing unit, and it began manufacturing bicycles in 1952. Today, AVON CYCLES LIMITED is the third largest bicycle player in the domestic market of India, and it exports its bicycles to over 50 countries around the world. The electric cycle range starts from 28k with range 25km single charge.


Pros of Electric Cycle

  • Its environment friendly
  • Reduced effort and boost to your pedaling
  • Increase Speed
  • Easy to maintain or operate
  • It’s also improve our health
  • It’s cut down expenses
  • If the battery runs out, you can still ride
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s less expensive as compared to electric bikes
  • No need for a driving license
  • Customization Features

Cons of Electric Cycle

  • Riding range is low
  • Battery charge time is long
  • The battery has a rather short lifespan (4 to 5 years)
  • Only covered the short distance

Govt Subsidy on Electric Cycle

If you are going to purchase an affordable electric cycle then check out the electric cycle models which are govt. selected for the subsidies. For more information please visit this website:


Q. Best electric hero cycle Models

A. Here are the best hero electric cycle Models

  1. Hero Lectro H3
  2. Hero Lectro C5i
  3. Hero Lectro F2i

Q. List of electric bicycle brands and manufacturers

A. Here are the top electric bicycle brands list

  1. Hero Lectro
  2. Emotorad
  3. Geekay Bikes
  4. Stryder
  5. Nexzu mobility limited
  6. Motovolt
  7. Avon Cycles Limited