Top Five Benefits of Orthotics

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If you experience foot pain regularly or any other foot problems, then you should try using foot orthotics. They help people release the stress and pain in the feet and improve the muscle performance. People may experience foot pain and other problems due to any reason like injuries, pressure or body weight.

Orthotics are specially designed to help people with the alignment of bones, ligaments, tendons and lower legs. Foot orthotics in Gold Coast, Australia, whether standard or custom, offer a wide range of benefits to people with foot problems. This post explains the top five benefits of using foot orthotics.

Support for the feet

Feet are the most complex parts of our body, and it bears the entire weight of the human body. Your feet need special care to stay in perfect health. Feet suffer the problems like pain and swelling when they are not offered proper care and attention.

Custom foot orthotics offer the support your foot needs in case of foot pain or forefoot condition. Proper support helps in the treatment of foot problems and helps you to walk comfortably in your shoes. People who don’t suffer from a foot injury or deformity can also use orthotics for support while performing the activities like walking, jogging and running.

Relief from pain

Some orthotic companies make the shoe inserts which offer additional cushion and support to the feet. The cushion support helps reduce the pressure on the feet and provides relief from pain. They also help improve the functioning of the foot muscles.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information reveals that custom foot orthotics reduced the pain from Patellofemoral that is a knee disorder. The study was conducted on 21 participants suffering from foot and knee pain. The participants observed a significant decrease in pain after using the custom foot orthotics for two weeks.

Corrects the Pronation


When a collapsed arch allows the ankle to fall towards the midline of your body, the foot condition is called pronation. It increases the stress on the hips, knees, lower back, and feet. Custom foot orthotics help reduce the pressure on these areas and helps you walk easily. There are special orthotic devices available to correct the condition of pronation in the patients.

Orthotics supports your feet and knees; however, doctors recommend not to play any sports that put pressure on the lower body. They offer you the arch support required to relieve other joints in the body. Custom foot orthotics helps support the feet and restore the arch to its correct position.

Corrects the Supination

Foot with very high arches leads to a condition called Supination. In this condition, the ankles lean in the outward direction away from the midline of the body. The condition puts extra strain on the lower back, hips and knees. The problem gets worse if the arch of one foot is higher than the other. Such condition may quickly throw you out of balance any time.

It is best to get the custom foot orthotics as the ones sold in retail stores cannot address the problem. Orthotics help to maintain the anatomically correct position of the foot. If you live in Gold Coast, Australia, you can search for orthotics Gold Coast to find the stores selling orthotic devices.

Correction of Foot Deformities


Foot orthotics helps in the treatment of minor foot deformities like bunions. Rigid orthotics that are made of durable materials like plastic fits firmly with the affected area of the foot and provide support while standing and walking.

The time required to correct the deformities in foot depends on the type and severity of the condition. Any foot condition if diagnosed at the right time can be treated within a short time using the correct orthotic devices.

Custom foot orthotics also helps the athletes deal with foot and knee problems. They can use the orthotic devices that are tailored according to their specific problems. Orthotics help them perform better and treat the lower leg problems in a short time.

Final Words

The benefits in this post are only a handful of advantages of using orthotics for treatment of foot injuries and deformities. Orthotics is not only meant for the people suffering from foot problems. People with other health problems like arthritis and diabetes can also use orthotics.

The best advantage of using custom foot orthotics is that you can tailor them according to your problem. Whether you suffer from a foot or lower leg condition, there is an orthotic device for you.

Only you need to consult an orthopaedic physician before using an orthotic device. Using these devices without medical advice can do more harm than good. Orthopaedic doctors diagnose your medical problem and recommend you the correct device which suits the best as per your condition.


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