Top Hotel Interior Design Companies in London

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London, known as one of the most international cities in the world, has an astounding diversity of inspirational architecture and design. While the city is steeped in history, these best interior design and architecture firms in London provide something for everyone: Minimalist, Lux, Colorful, Funky Chic, Scandinavian, and so much more to enjoy! So, because it is our purpose at Love Happens to honor today’s (and tomorrow’s!) creative minds, here is a list of some of the finest London interior design and architecture firms.

Bergman Interiors

Bergman Design House founders Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund are a design powerhouse creating waves in the luxury interior and architectural design sector. Now, as co-founders of Njord by Bergman with Sarah Colbon, the trio is redefining the yachting interior design business by developing exclusively natural elements and aesthetic interiors for superyachts, cruise ships, and floating hotels.


Xbd Collective

Ellen Shoel, a Norwegian designer, is a founding member of the award-winning company XBD Collective, a leading brand internationally. Ellen is well-known for her project designs for high-profile clients in the hospitality, residential, and commercial sectors. A must-have on our list of the best interior design firms in London!


David Collins Studio

David Collins Studio, founded in 1985, is an architectural-based company that has reinvented luxury & villa interior design on a global scale. The firm has created one-of-a-kind projects for a diverse variety of customers, including those in the commercial worlds of high fashion and the design of some of London’s most beloved and recognized restaurants, hotels, and bars.



Elicyon is a luxury design studio in Kensington, London that specializes in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, and Project Management. Their goal is to create one-of-a-kind and exclusive surroundings adapted to their client’s specific needs, constructed with precision and care in some of the most coveted and prominent places in the UK and abroad.


Os Designs

OS Designs and Partners takes pride in its international portfolio, which includes large-scale architectural design, interior design, and renovation for, among other things, listed buildings in central London, commercial and residential projects throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, and numerous significant projects in the Middle East. The studio also designs private jets and super yachts. Furthermore, the studio’s continued success can be observed most recently in the dynamic and imaginative worlds of aviation and boat design, where the studio’s exterior and interior concepts are renewing the industry.



Sonia and Pawel established TEMZA – Interior Design and Build Company in 2012, combining their passion for real estate and broad talents. The major purpose is to assist their clients in making the greatest use of their space and maximizing its potential and worth. In brief, TEMZA creates beautiful and useful environments for residences, investment properties, offices, and hospitality projects.


Studio L

Laura Marino, the company’s creator, has 20 years of experience as a co-founder and Creative Director for a design-led, multi-award-winning development management firm. During this time, she gained extensive knowledge in the interior design, architectural, and property development industries. Laura’s drive to help improve buildings and spaces was so powerful that she couldn’t stop herself once she started designing. Her work has now become her life as a result of her passion for design.


1508 London

1508 London is an interior and architecture design studio that produces extraordinary spaces all over the world. Unlike most, their designs are not formulaic or style-driven, but rather drawn from calculated principles inspired by history, geography, and the architectural vernacular, resulting in creations of exceptional worth. Since its establishment in 2010, Hamish has been instrumental in the company’s growth, assisting 1508 London in becoming one of the world’s most renowned architects and interior design studios.


Taylor Howes

Taylor Howes studio, founded in 1993 by Karen Howes, has created extraordinary projects, providing a breath of fresh air and a brighter appearance to interior design in London and around the world! Taylor Howes has also received numerous design awards. To summarise, luxury is essential, and design is a way of life for Karen and her team. Because Karen’s philosophy is “Be Passionate, Be Honest, Be Kind,” the team and the designs constantly keep the client’s personality and originality in mind.


Celia Sawyer

Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture & Design, founded 20 years ago, has been discretely supplying both residential and commercial clients with bespoke, pioneering luxury interiors, and transforming ideas into practical day-to-day realities. Celia’s ethos is simple: “to interpret our partners’ ideas, objectives, and requirements with flair, passion, originality, and enthusiasm, executing and delivering projects with meticulous attention to detail and prompt professional execution.” Indeed, their track record of satisfied consumers from residences, commercial, marine, and air offer a testament to their quality, delivery, and surety.


Run For The Hills

The established studio practices of interior designer Anna Burles and graphic designer Christopher Trotman came together to form Run For The Hills. Creating a multidisciplinary design firm that specializes in not only interior design but also branding for professional and private clientele. The hotel industry, high-profile personalities, property developers, hospitality investors, and restaurant and bar operators are all included.


Natalia Miyar Atelier

Natalia Miyar is an architect and interior designer who founded her own atelier. Her home and hospitality work is globally resonant, spatially clever, and meticulously created. Natalia’s formal training as an architect is responsible for her deep love and respect for the power of materiality and proportion—an affection that naturally led her to interior design. Furthermore, her scholarly awareness of space and how to utilize it serves as a counterpoint to her refined artistic sensibility.


All there is to it! We hope you enjoyed our list of some of London’s most innovative and creative interior designer and architecture firms!


Author name – Subhash Ahuja

Author’s Bio: Subhash Ahuja is a Founder & CEO at H. S. Ahuja And Associates believes in building classic and timeless experiences through elegance interior designing. He eagerly follow their quote “I always keep thinking about new items and innovative’ and that’s what he is implementing in their company.