Travelling to India for the First Time from Canada

Taj Mahal

Are you planning a trip to India but are concerned? We’ve answered all of your India-related questions here. Check out the complete article for all you need to know before arranging a vacation to India. These will undoubtedly be advantageous to you, and you will be able to have stress-free vacations in India as a result. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking an Agra one day tour or any other tour for India, you will get a variety of options –

Is India a popular tourism destination for Canadians?

India is a popular tourist destination, with more visitors entering each year than the preceding year. According to an Indian government study, foreign visitor arrivals on e- tourist visas increased by 68.8 percent, including tourists from Canada.

With an e-visa, how long may I stay in India?

Tourist visas are valid for one month, one year, or five years. Upon arrival at the airport, visitors can apply for electronic travel authorization online and have it stamped. Tourists from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan can stay for up to 180 days on each visit.

When is the best time to visit India for Canadians?

Winter is the greatest time to visit India, from October to march. Except for peak winter, which begins after Christmas, the weather becomes mild during this season.

What are the top five places in India that Canadians should visit?

Varanasi, the Tajmahal in Agra, and Rishikesh for a yoga retreat, Udaipur for rich Indian hospitality, and Kerala for the gorgeous backwaters and tea gardens at Munnar are the top five places in India for a Canadian visitor.

What kind of clothing should Canadians pack for a trip to India?

If you’re visiting India between March and June, bring plenty of cotton clothing, including shirts, jeans, and lose slacks, as well as t-shirts and shirts. In most parts of the country, women can wear jeans and shirts with skirts and dresses, except for religious locations, where women are supposed to cover their heads, shoulders, and legs; in these cases, long skirts or pants with tops are recommended. Carry pullovers, jackets, boots, and caps if traveling between December and March.

Is it safe to drink the water in India?

In India, individuals drink filtered water at home because tap water is not regarded as a good alternative. As a result, whether you are in India, whether in your hotel, a tourist castle or even at a small restaurant, always consume bottled water.

Will the hotels in India be able to accommodate my special dietary needs?

Yes, most 4 and 5-star hotels cater to the needs of international tourists, but to be on the safe side, phone your hotel ahead of time and inquire about the same.

Is it possible for Canadians to eat non-spicy meals in India?

Yes, you can request that your hotel’s kitchen prepare your cuisine in a less spicy manner. Also, stay away from the local street food because there aren’t many non-spicy options.

Are the hotels in India clean and provide modern amenities that Canadians would appreciate?

Yes, every four- and a five-star hotel in India maintains a high degree of hygiene and is equipped with world-class amenities to meet your every need.

Is India safe for a solitary female traveler?

India, like any other country, is secure for women, but if you are in a remote area, avoid traveling after dark. Also, keep a list of India’s emergency numbers on your speed dial.

Are there any hotels in India that are accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, there are hotels in India that are accessible to people with disabilities. The majority of 5-star hotels feature handicapped-accessible rooms with handicapped-accessible toilets. 

Is it possible for Canadians to use their credit cards in India?

You can pay with credit cards at hotels, stores, and restaurants, but having some cash on hand will benefit you when traveling to rural or distant places where people still prefer to pay with cash.

Which mode of transportation in India is ideal for Canadians?

Traveling by road is the best way to see India in its most natural state. However, if you want a nice travel experience, reserve your train and aircraft tickets ahead of time.

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