Underneath the Big Blue Skies: 8 Essential Outdoor Design Tips for Dining out in Comfort

Outdoor Design Tips for Dining

There is nothing better than to enjoy the exquisite delight of dining outdoors. In truth, dining outdoors can actually make you happier and more content. AZ Central (part of USA Today Network) states that spending time outdoors actually contributes to numerous benefits including social, intellectual and emotional. For instance, social settings in the outdoors are associated with positive experiences. Even sitting at outdoor furniture dining sets may support better self-esteem, calm the mind, promote a better mood and reduce cortisol levels caused by stress.

With a personable table and some comfortable chairs, you can easily convert your patio or balcony into the ideal dining area during the warmer months. In fact, with a few tips, you can quickly transform any area into the perfect getaway.


The perfect outdoor dining area is designed to fit your needs. The type of table you choose needs to correlate with your lifestyle. For instance, is the outdoor dining arrangement for hosting parties? Will your dining experience be a table set for two under the romantic moonlight? Or perhaps you relish a small alcove where you can read a book and sip your tea.

Functionality is the key when deciding on a dining set size and style. Once you identify the main desire for the ultimate outdoor dining experience, then selecting the ideal furniture is simple. For example, if you need a peaceful area for relaxing for reading and sipping tea, then a small table set should suffice. On the other hand, a larger table set is the best option if your lifestyle is filled with banquets and parties.


The best dining experience has comfortable seating. A good tip to remember is that no one will be content or relaxed if the outdoor furniture is uncomfortable. Comfort always needs to be considered before design. When selecting outdoor seating, make sure that there is ample cushioning. However, if there is a design that you can’t live without, you can always add extra plush cushions.


One of the most important tips when choosing an outdoor dining set is to look for quality and durability. Your dining set should last for years; saving both time and money. The furniture should be constructed out of quality materials. According to Wikipedia, aluminium is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture. It is light, durable and corrosion resistant.

Keep in mind that aluminium does not have to be uncomfortable. Upholstery and cushions can easily be added for comfort. Moreover, your own cushions can personalize the décor look you desire.

Low Maintenance

The elements should always be considered when selecting outdoor furniture. When outdoor furniture is not weatherized then it becomes high maintenance or damaged when exposed to harsh conditions. A quality outdoor dining set should be composed of all-season materials like aluminium, most metals, weatherized wicker, teak and cedar.

A well-chosen outdoor dining set will be low maintenance and look new for many years. It will hold up even in the most adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold.


To preserve your outdoor furniture it is recommended that you store it in a protected environment such as a shed, basement or garage. Although outdoor dining set is weatherized, placing it in storage will add years to its life. If you have limited storage, consider choosing furniture that can be taken apart or easily folded.


It used to be that patio furniture was blasé and boring. Most colors were limited to neutral tones like beige, brown, black and white. Today you can find an array of hues to match your lifestyle. And for even more stylish flexibility, you can select a natural tone dining set and add your own designed cushions to fit your flair.

In addition, quality outdoor furniture comes in many styles such as a slim design for pool outings, an exquisite bistro set for afternoon beverages or elegant sets with a glass top and comfy swivel chairs. You can now find a style that best suits your fashionable tastes. For tips on deciding what design to chose, it is best to write down the most important design qualities that will match your decor. Also configure in your lifestyles like basking by the pool, family gatherings or romantic moonlight dining.

A Quality Investment

Buying an outdoor dining set every other season can get really expensive. This can easily happen when a quality set is not purchased. Actually, every year you decide to buy a cheaper set, more money is wasted. For instance, plastic furniture is cheaply priced and looks great for a short amount of time. But eventually, the plastic chairs becomes brittle, scratched and fall apart. Typically the cheap chairs wear out within a few years. Other materials to avoid include bare metals and untreated teak or wicker. These materials are not durable and will weaken when exposed to harsh weather such as the constant sun or even spring rain. Quality is always best when making an investment. Even though a superior set can be higher priced, it will save you money and time in the long run. Not only will you save from purchasing numerous cheaper sets but you will remove the frustration of having to purchase another set every few years.

Extras for the Wow Factor

Every designer will agree, when it comes to attention-grabbing décor, it is the extras that add that final touch and pizazz. Look for outdoor dining sets that have something unique such as a bevelled glass top, stylized comfy chairs, a nice full umbrella or various dining armchairs with a matching backless bench. Remember, it is the special touches that make your décor stand out from all the rest. In fact, the little extras add the “wow” factor to every design. You can also include specially designed cushions so that your design is personalized. For a special ambience, don’t forget to add flowers in an eye-catching vase when you are dining underneath the big blue skies.

No matter what design you choose, the perfect patio furniture will instantly transform the old boring patio furnishings into your ideal living space.