How to Use a Waffle Maker?


Making fluffy and crispy waffles at home are now getting more comfortable these days. Those days are gone when you need to hold a long tail waffle iron on the fire to make your waffle brown with an alternative to modern waffle maker you just need to plug it into your electricity board and heat them up with ease. With the minimum practice, you can make golden brown waffle effortlessly. The perfect pair of maple syrup and the brown grilled waffle serve with the crunchy fried chicken will turn around your bad day within ten minutes. A perfectly oiled and preheated waffle will produce the irresistible result every time.

How to use waffle maker step by step Guide.

  1. Clean your waffle maker with the slightly wet cloth or a damp sponge. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water to remove the soap residue and dry it thoroughly unless you wouldn’t find any moisture remaining beneath.
  2. Oil the top and the bottom of the inclined plates inside wiping them with the help of paper towel which is dumped in the oil or you can use nonstick spray. While the new modern waffle makers contain nonstick surface coating, so these waffle makers don’t need any oil spray on it.

  3. Plug your waffle maker on the electricity board and make sure that it is on the flat surface without wobbling. In case your surface is not flat you can also use a flat book or adjust it with the help of adding thin sheet underneath the legs of the waffle maker. Now set up the indicator if that waffle maker contains and heat it up unless you find an indication that your waffle maker is now ready to use.
  4. Prepare your waffle batter you can use any recipe while making your dough, and the basic one includes water or milk, flour, eggs, and either oil or butter if needed. Do not heat waffle batter excessively in order to prevent gluten develops your waffle will have a risk of becoming slightly rubbery instead of light and crispy.
  5. Now the next step includes the wise method of pouring the batter evenly on the bottom plate of waffle plate. Don’t overload it because you will suffer the irregular shape and it will also make your table much dirtier so choose proper amount of batter to pour into waffle maker. The amount of waffle batter differs from brands so read the instruction manual carefully. You can measure through by identifying the cup you use before this can be anywhere from 1 to 1/2 cup of dough per waffle.
  6. Close the lid of the waffle maker and let the waffle cook don’t open the top unless you find an indication whether the waffle is done. It will usually indicate with a beep sound, and if your waffle maker does not have the sound indication feature, then you can see the LED indicator to know that it is ready.
  7. Open up your waffle maker and remove the waffle by recognizing that your waffle does not break you can use the non-metal spatula.
  8. Unplug your waffle maker while you are done, and clean it thoroughly as you did before. Keep it in a secure place so that your waffle maker is ready to use whenever you want.