What is Himachali Dham And Where You Find It?

Himanchali Dham

Dham is a traditional food festival that’s celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. In fact, you can’t find this Himachali Dham in the restaurant, dhabas and outside the Himachal state. The story of Dham starts from Chamba Valley of Himachal Pradesh more than 1000 years ago. The Raja ordered to the cook to make a food that would offer for the god. The cook has prepared verities of food and that was the time the tradition of Dham is continued. Himachali Dham is also called Himachi thali by the locals and it represents the tradition of the Himachal.

Feature of Dham

Dham is cooked by the botis (botis is a cast of Brahmin Chef). The food is cooked in normal basis and serves in a handmade tree leaf plates. These leaf plates are called pattlu by the local peoples. The Dham includes rice, spicy vegetable curry, fried pulses, chole, Khatta dal etc. The dham is end with mitta bhatt (bhatt mean rice in Himachali language). This is a sweet dish which is made of boodi or bread crumbs etc.

botis (Himachal Chef)

Dham is mid day meal and part of Himachali culture and tradition. Dham serves for Himachali peoples on the occasions of marriage, birthday party, janeu and any religious festival.

What are the Dishes in a Dham?

A Dham is a combination of 7 to 8 dishes which is prepared in copper Utensil called Charoti. The local peoples believed that cooking the food in charoti add flavor and keep the food hot for a longer time. Apart from this, this food is cooked by using the wood fire.


Dham is a complete food with great taste and nutrition. Dham is a traditional plate full of delicious delicacies and serves in the festival season. The Dham food is prepared by the special Brahmin Chef who called by locals ‘botis’. If you want to enjoy the great Indian traditional thali then Dham is perfect for your taste in the Himachali festival season.