What Makes a Bathroom the Perfect Bathroom with a Personality?


Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in your house, but they are also one of the smallest rooms in your home. This makes it hard to give them the same style and personality that you can give to other rooms in your house. But just because a bathroom is a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t provide it with plenty of flair—you just have to know where to focus your attention!

Because of a bathroom’s focused use, most of the floor space will be taken up by the necessities: a vanity, toilet, shower, and tub, or a combo thereof. Luckily, new bathroom design means that you can get quite creative with the kind of pieces you install. Unique Vanities offers interesting and creative takes on bathroom vanities that can immediately help define the theme of space while making use of things like freestanding tubs can give your bathroom a “spa retreat” feel.

When you’re initially designing your bathroom, try to find inspiration for how your bathroom will look by perusing design magazines, sites, or books to see what other people have done. Because these large pieces are the most expensive part of your bathroom and serve as the focal part, you should choose carefully based on how you want your bathroom to come across.

The one place in the bathroom that we advise against getting too creative is the toilet.  Whacky toilets are rarely classic and can be off-putting to people, especially if you’re planning on selling your home. So it’s best to steer clear of things like clear glass toilets or aquarium toilets and stick with the classics.

Unique pieces

One spot where you can add loads of character is with your faucet and sink choice. These relatively inexpensive items can help define your bathroom’s style right away. From using a wall-mounted, industrial chic faucet, to a modern glass pedestal sink, you’d be amazed at how quickly these changes will give your bathroom a pop of character.

Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting is often relegated to the practical, “builder’s special,” but there’s no reason you shouldn’t give your bathroom’s lighting the same attention and personality that you do with your dining room lighting.

If you have space, a carefully chosen statement light for the ceiling can add quite a bit of style to the small area. A petite chandelier can make a bathroom fit for a princess, while a bold, exposed bulb piece can make a bathroom look very industrial chic.

Bathroom walls

Your bathroom’s walls are probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways you can give personality to space. Consider using finishes like shiplap or wallpaper to add a pop of personality to a powder room. Many people are also opting to use complimentary paint colors in different shades to add depth to space.


Your bathroom’s accessories are the finishing pieces that will elevate your bathroom from the mundane to chic. Take advantage of all the unused wall space in most bathrooms to hang floating shelves. They can be used for extra storage and will still look stylish. Plants are also a great way to make your bathroom seem fresher. Not enough natural light? High-quality fake plants that aren’t at eye level can fool most people at a glance.