What To Know Before Your First Homebirth

Home Birth

Choosing a homebirth for your next child will most likely grant you a slew of reactions ranging from “You’re so brave!” to “You must be crazy!”. Knowledge is key when it comes to homebirth and learning about this birthing option can make you feel calm and confident about your delivery plans when the big day comes.


So, what exactly is a midwife anyways? While most people think a doctor must be present for prenatal care and delivery, a midwife is trained to do it all. People pursuing this birth profession must undergo up to 8 years of schooling and hands-on training before gaining their certification. The midwife model of care focuses on the belief that birth is a natural process of life and therefore tries to minimize unnecessary interventions. Ask your local pregnancy care center Tampa FL if there is a midwife close to you.

Unmedicated Birth

Most births on TV or depicted by Hollywood are all the same; the mother screaming in pain, the worried and scared partner, bright lights and beeping hospital machines. But it doesn’t always have to go this way. Many women give birth peacefully, and even silently, from the comfort of their homes with no pain medication at all. Unmedicated births follow the normal physiological process of the body in labor and therefore may decrease the likelihood of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section.


Knowing how to prepare your body and mind for a natural homebirth can greatly impact your delivery experience. Meditation, yoga and exercise, nutrition, aromatherapy, and breathing and relaxation techniques are just a few ways to get yourself as ready as possible for home delivery. Speaking with other moms who have chosen to give birth at home and attending childbirth classes geared towards natural birth can flood your mind with positive stories and may help you feel more assured and optimistic about your choice

The way you bring your children into the world is an intimate and personal choice. Having all the facts beforehand can not only help you make your decision but may also positively impact your birth experience.