What You do on a Rainy Day


On rainy days, when you think that you should rock a ponytail and go out with no makeup, then think again ladies! We know, you may feel that the rain will wash away pretty much everything that you put on and all that effort would go to waste!

However, here are some practical ideas and tips to keep in mind to rock any look you need even on a rainy day:

Tinted Moisturizer does the trick!

Chuck your best face moisturizer and go with a light tinted one. We understand your obsession with the moisturizer of your choice. However, on a rainy day or on a humid day, that moisturizer is not going to hold up. In order to make sure that your face looks perfect, use tinted moisture and add only a thin layer on your face. This tinted layer will last longer than any light moisturizer.

Don’t have a tinted moisturizer? No worries get a primer

Not all of us have the perfect rainy day companion, tinted moisturizer. However, you can still keep your makeup on your face without the tinted moisturizer. Although tinted moisturizer is our first choice, you can still work well with a primer. Primer gives your face a base and helps you keep the makeup on your face.

The advantage of the Frizz

The rainy season’s characteristic sign can be seen in your hair. No matter what hair serum you use, or which mask, your hair will always stand out. However, in the rainy season, you should simply stick to the bare minimum. No matter how many times you try to smooth your hair out, you won’t get anywhere. So, why not just go with it?

Quality Lipstick

You need to make sure that your lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. We all understand the dire need of the perfect lips and the perfect shades, but what to do when rains come around? Well, it is simple! Use a durable lipstick, something that lasts for a long time. Furthermore, make sure that you use the ones that are smudge-proof and water-resistant.

Moisturizing night face mask

Your face needs a lot of care during the rainy season. One of the best Skin Care Products to keep at bay is a night mask. To replenish your facial glow and to repair the damage caused during the day, a mask is important. With a moisturizing face mask, your face will retain the glow without fail.

Skip the face powder

As mentioned before, you should definitely skip the face powder. With rains and humidity at full blast, the face powder will not hold. Furthermore, you won’t even realize when it comes off, and you would most likely have an uneven tone. Not good, right? Well, then skip the face powder, no matter how good it is!

Braid Your Hair

Rainy seasons affect your hair the most. You would witness massive hair fall and a lot of frizz. If you do not like going along with the naturally frizzy hair, then you should try braiding your hair. Once you wash your hair and dry it out, before pulling it in a braid, use a good hair mask to ensure minimal hair fall.

To make sure that you do not feel at a loss of beauty this rainy season, make use of natural beauty products and other types of products that hold well.