Who are the Top 10 Organic Product-Selling Companies in Maharashtra?

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‘Organic’ is a popular phrase used these days to describe everything from food to apparel. Contrary to many alleged trends, organic food, gardening, and goods have undeniable advantages.

There are many different organic businesses in India and globally. This post will list down the popular ones in Maharashtra for you.

Top 10 Organic Product-selling Companies in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the most populous states in India. It is home to some of the largest cities, including Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur. With such a large population, it is not surprising that the demand for organic products is also high in Maharashtra.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 organic-products selling companies in Maharashtra.

Two Brothers Organic Farms

Two Brothers Organic FarmsTwo Brothers Organic Farms is a family-run farm that produces a range of organic products, including vegetables, fruits, grains, and pulses. Their farm is certified by ECOCERT and the company operates from Pune.

The farm follows traditional farming practices and uses organic methods to produce its crops. The farm also has its processing and packaging unit to ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Website: https://twobrothersindiashop.com/

Blazing Shiv Exim

Blazing Shiv EximBlazing Shiv Exim is a company that sells and exports organic spices, herbs, teas, oil seeds, etc. The company is based in Jalgaon and sources its products from farms across Maharashtra.

The company’s products are of the highest quality and are free from any chemicals or pesticides. The company also has a strict quality control process to ensure that only the best products reach the customers.

Website: https://blazingshivexim.com/

Matrix Life Science

Matrix Life ScienceMatrix Life Science is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of 100% natural rosemary extracts and phytosterols. The company is based in the city of Aurangabad.

Its products are made using natural ingredients which are effective and high-quality. Matrix Life Sciences is one of the first companies to manufacture natural vitamin E in India.

Website: https://matrixlifescience.com/

Bryan and Candy

Bryan and CandyBryan and Candy is a company that produces a range of organic dermatological/skincare products. The company has a world-class research team active in USA and India.

The company’s products are made using natural ingredients and are free from any artificial flavours or colours. Their body care products are vegan and gluten-free. They contain ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin C.

Website: https://bryanandcandy.com/

Namo 9 Tea

Namo 9 TeaNamo 9 Tea is a company that produces a range of organic Indian teas in domestic and international markets. The company was based in Gujarat and then in the city of Mumbai at a later stage.

The company’s teas are of the highest quality and are free from any chemicals or pesticides. The teas are also rich in antioxidants and have a range of health benefits.

Website: https://www.namo9tea.com/

Munchilicious Granola

Munchilicious GranolaMunchilicious Granola is a company that produces healthy and tasty granola cereal products. The company is based in the city of Mumbai and sources its products from farms across Maharashtra.

Their Granola bars are a perfect combination of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. Theyare also nutrient-rich and gluten-free.

Website: https://www.munchilicious.com/

Merakisan Daily

Merakisan DailyMerakisan Dailyis a grocery shopping portal that believes in supporting local farmers. They get the organically and locally grown fresh stuff delivered to your doorstep. The company operates from Baner.

Website: https://www.merakisandaily.com/

Godawari Industries

Godawari IndustriesGodawari Industries is a well-known producer and a ONE STAR EXPORT HOUSE, recognised by the Government of India. It produces agro-based food ingredients like corn grits and corn flour used in the domestic food and feed industries.

Based in Sangli, Godawari Industries is currently exporting to more than 25 countries.

Website: https://www.godawari.com

Ziran India

Ziran IndiaZiran India is a company that produces a range of organic health and beauty products like herbal oil, herbal powders, essential oil, and natural food colour. The company is based in Sangliand sources its products from farms across Maharashtra.

Website: https://www.ziranindia.in

Jain Farm Fresh Foods

Jain Farm Fresh FoodsJain Irrigation Systems, often known as JISL, is a global company with its headquarters in Jalgaon, India. JISL has 33 production facilities worldwide and about 12,000 employees. They have expanded their businesses into micro irrigation, pipes, food processing, and renewable energy.

Organic products are grown using methods that protect the environment and preserve the natural resources of the earth. They are also free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. When you buy organic products, you are supporting farmers who are committed to sustainable agricultural practices.

Website: https://www.jainfarmfresh.com/

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