Why Is It Difficult To Promote CBD Products Using SEO?


CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It belongs to a class of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, and CBD products are extracted from the hemp plant. Promoting CBD products using SEO can be challenging due to several reasons:

Legal Restrictions:

There are lots of countries who have banned CBD-related products in their religion and some countries have some legal restrictions to use the of CBD products. This creates various types of difficulties in SEO efforts to promote CBD products.

Advertising Policies:

Some of the famous advertising platforms like Google & Facebook who have strict policies related to CBD and Cannabis product promotions on their platform. These platforms need govt. certification on CBD products to promote it on their platform. This is the main reason some of the companies choose the traditional method to promote their CBD products.

Payment Processing Challenges:

Some of the famous payment platforms & financial institutions are cautious when it comes to CBD products due to the legal restrictions. This can result in difficulties in setting up online transactions for CBD products, hindering the overall e-commerce process.

Limited Visibility in Search Engines:

Due to the legal policy and restrictions, CBD products selling websites faced various challenges to achieving high visibility in search engine results. Search Engines restrict the ranking of CBD products, content, and the making procedure so it harder for potential customers to find these products through organic search.

Lack of Clear Guidelines:

The guidelines around CBD marketing and SEO are not clear for the business so SEO cannot implement the strategies that can used for the various e-commerce businesses. SEO expert takes a simple and conservative approach to promoting CBD products to avoid Google penalties.


The growing popularity of CBD products has increased the competition in the market. As a result, it can be challenging to rank CBD products in search engine results pages, especially if the competition is intense and established brands dominate the space.

Keyword Targeting

Some of the keywords like “CBD Oil Online” are highly competitive as compared to other keywords and other long tail keywords have a lower search volume so it is difficult to find the right balance keywords for your CBD products business. Apart from that, some of the famous platforms like “Google Keyword Planner” don’t show the search volume of CBD-related keywords.

Content Creation

Famous search engine Google follows the EEAT algorithm for medical-related claims especially for medical or wellbeing-related products so it is difficult to write a high-quality, informative, SEO friendly for CBD products.


All CBD products are made from the hemp plant, which has very little THC, the psychoactive substance that causes a high. This is the main reason you can’t buy CBD products without a doctor’s prescription.


Despite these challenges, some of the SEO strategies can help with the promotion of CBD products. This includes focusing on educational content, building a strong brand presence on social media, and exploring alternative advertising channels that may be more lenient toward CBD products.