KYT (Know Your Transaction): Enhancing Transaction Monitoring for Businesses

Transactional Monitoring

In today’s digital age, businesses are faced with immense challenges when it comes to ensuring the integrity of their financial transactions. To fight against financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud, businesses are increasingly adopting modern tools and techniques. One such process is KYT (Know Your Transaction), which plays a pivotal role […]

What Do You Understand by Biblical Investing?


Managing your financial resources wisely as per core Christian beliefs is the essence of biblical investing. What the bible says about money revolves around using your monetary resources wisely for the greater good of God’s kingdom. Investing in this manner allows the wealth God has entrusted in your care to multiply and grow. The bible […]

Inside the Job of An Insurance Claims Adjuster


Almost everyone who has ever been in a car accident has come into contact with an Insurance Claim Adjuster. This is the person that is sent to inspect the damage when an accident occurs or property is damaged when an insurance policyholder files a claim.  Insurance Claim Adjusters Duty The job of an insurance claim adjuster is […]

8 Financial Tips For Young Monotaxers


It is known that a large number of private-sector workers are self-employed, and many of them are in an age range that ranges from 26 to 35 years. Many of the financial behaviors of independent workers differ enormously from those in a dependency relationship, so below we offer 8 financial tips for those monotributistas who […]