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  • How to Combat Heart Disease and Diabetes? Go Keto, says New Study

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    Haven’t you yet realized! Being overweight would degrade your health condition! Some of the common health disorders for being overweighed include heart disease and diabetes. Controlling diet consumption and exercises as instructed could be beneficial to some extent. But recent studies proved American diet with exercises is less effective in comparison to Keto Diet without […]

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  • Treatment of Keratoconus through “Corneal Cross-Linking”


    Weakening of the cornea due to keratoconus, a complication following LASIK surgery (rare anomaly) or any other corneal disease can be corrected through an in-office procedure known as Corneal Cross-Linking (CXL). The process is performed for re-strengthening of the cornea whereas brand names and alternative medical terminologies for the procedure include corneal collagen cross-linking, KXL, […]

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  • What Is Vibration Therapy?how Does Vibration Therapy Work?

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    Vibration therapy has been used by medical practitioners for different health purposes since the late 1800s when Jean-Martin Charcot, M.D. reported its therapeutic benefits. It was also used by Russian astronauts to counter the effects of zero gravity on bone mass. Today, the practice is gaining popularity among athletes for quicker recovery after training and […]