10 Everyday Plumbing Hacks You Need To Know


Anyone with no or limited plumbing experience would immediately call a plumber the moment anything in their house breaks. It’s what they’ve been told before. “If something breaks, call a professional. They’ll know what to do. You’ll only make the problem worse if you fix it yourself.” To an extent, they might be right, but there are simple plumbing repairs everyone with minimal plumbing knowledge can handle.

Good Practice

All plumbers, whether LA plumbers or charlotte plumbers, know that one way to avoid toilets and sink clogging is to keep it clean and well maintained. A good way to do this is to flush warm water on the toilet at least once a week to clear up small clogs. This can be done on the sink as well. Flushing warm water will remove debris that’s been stuck on the pipe wall and cause clogging. Another good way to remove potential clogging chunks on pipes is to pour white vinegar. This will break down the chunks and makes it easier to wash down the drain.

Shut Off Valves

If a burst pipe does occur, or any pipe damage, it’s important that you know where the shut-off valve is. Know where to turn off the water supply can prevent further damage to the pipe and not waste water. Shutting the water source is also a standard in any plumbing repair so it’s important that the people living in the house know where it is.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

These are magic ingredients for any household. They have numerous uses besides baking and adding flavor to food. When mixed together, they can break down almost any clog or dirt and will help in most clogged sinks, toilets, or shower drain. Keep these at the ready for any plumbing emergencies.

Declog A Toilet

Fixing a toilet that’s clogged can be a bit expensive with a professional. Usually, a good plunger will do the trick and they’re pretty inexpensive. If a plunger is nowhere in sight, you can use hot water to help break the clog down. First, water flow to the toilet should be stopped by turning off the water valve located behind the toilet. Pour hot water directly into the toilet. The hotter the better. Heat breaks the clog down faster.

Leaking Pipes

If you see a leaking pipe dripping water where two pipes connect, you might want to try a simple hack before calling a plumber. Turn the water supply to the pipe first. Place a bucket right under where the leaking is and with a wrench, carefully loosen the pipes. Once they’re disconnected, wrap a plumber’s tape on the thread before reconnecting the pipes. This will ensure a tighter seal on the connection.

Unclog A Sink

A clogged sink is a common but usually something everyone is able to fix. Using baking soda, pour a generous amount into the drain then follow it up with vinegar immediately. The chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar will help loosen the clog and wash it away. Then pour hot water on the drain after a few minutes.

Low-Pressure Shower

Anyone having experienced this can get pretty annoyed with the lack of pressure in their shower. Fixing it is pretty simple. Simply remove the shower head and soak it in a basin with descaling solution. White vinegar is quite effective at removing the scale problem. After a few hours, reconnect the shower head.

Money And Water Saver

If you want to lower your water bill and save water at the same time, this hack is perfect and quite ingenious. Place a 20-ounce bottle in one corner of the tank. Each time you flush, less water will be used and your toilet tank fills up even faster.

Natural Drain Cleaner

For clogged drains, one simple solution is to use baking soda and vinegar. Very similar to the process of clearing a clogged sink, you first pour baking soda into the shower drain followed immediately with boiling hot water. Wait about 5 minutes before pouring vinegar into the drain. This will loosen debris and make it easier to wash away.

Disposal Kindness

One way to keep your disposal working properly is to treat it kindly. This is a sure way to prevent it from acting up or stop working altogether. Avoid dropping metals into the disposal and don’t drop food that could cause damage to it. Any food that’s fibrous could cause it to get stuck and stop working.