4 Reasons Why You Should Learn a New Language Before Travelling

Travelling to India

It’s often said that one of the best ways of bettering yourself is by learning a new language. Of course, it can be a little tricky trying to fit this into your daily routine, but particularly when you have a holiday booked, learning the language of the country you are visiting is wholly worthwhile. We’re discussing the benefits of learning a new language before travelling so let’s take a look at how it can help you in more ways than you might have thought.

For an easier life

A stress-free holiday is what we all strive for, right? No matter how much money you pay or how incredible the destination is, even the most frequent travellers are not immune to bouts of travel stress. Arguably one of the biggest stress factors when travelling is experiencing language barriers. Thus, learning the official language of the country you are visiting will make your time abroad much easier. Spending time learning even the basics could really go a long way, especially when asking locals for help with directions or something else.

You can make new friends

Making friends whilst travelling can really enhance your experience, as there’s nothing quite like building connections and long-lasting friendships with like-minded people when travelling the world. Being able to speak more than one language is exactly what you need to open up to new friendships when exploring the world. You’ll be able to communicate with more people and have a better understanding of the world around you. Many locals see it as a mark of respect when visitors to their country make effort to communicate in their language.

Job prospects

Learning a new language before travelling inevitably makes the overall experience easier, but not only that, taking the time to learn a new language could also enhance your job prospects. When you arrive home from your travels, you may discover that so many more vacancies are now available to you, due to so many businesses in need of bilingual staff. The world is becoming more multicultural and so having the ability to speak another language will get you ahead in your career, making you more employable often even for positions that don’t require it as it shows you are dedicated and willing to learn new things.

Stimulates your brain

Learning a new language is one of the best things you can do to stimulate your brain activity, it keeps it working hard and can lead to better cognitive ability, which will see you through even your later years. There are many health benefits, backed up by research, for example on how learning a new language can decrease the likelihood of illnesses such as Dementia. There are really no downsides to learning a new language but the positive affect it has on your mind is definitely one of the best reasons. As well as the benefits we have already looked at, the enormous sense of pride and achievement you feel once you have become fluent in another language cannot be overstated.


Written by Stuart Cooke, blog writer at UniBaggage.com.