5 Daily Habits that Are Aging Your Eyes


Eyes are said to be the windows to your soul! What’s more, the first part of the body that shows the early signs of ageing is the skin around the eyes.

This happens because the skin around the eyes is quite fragile and more delicate than the other parts of the body. This also happens because your eyes work through a lot all through the day. This includes everything from blinking to expressing emotions!

All these can result in premature ageing for you.

Not just that, the genetic issues, external stressors, UV rays and lifestyle choices can all cause the skin surrounding the eyes to age swiftly.

Common Eye Area Issues

  • Puffiness (including the eye bags)
  • Fine lines
  • Dark circles

So it is important that you start showing your eyes the love they deserve by avoiding the ill habits. That will help you to restore the youthful and sparkling eyes of yours!

Take a look at what habits you should shun.

Mistake 1 – You Are Not Eating Well

If you want your skin to remain healthy, then the saying – you are what you eat, is definitely true!  Having excessive high-glycaemic foods and sugar, does not just take a toll on your weight, it can make you look older as well.  The molecules of sugar get attached to your skin that includes collagen through glycation, a damaging process. This makes them malformed and stiff.  This leads to facial elasticity loss as well as puffiness, contours and fines lines. The refined sugar and other forms of simple carbohydrates also trigger the inflammation all through the body by skyrocketing the levels of insulin.  Enzymes are produced by the inflammation which breaks the elastin and collagen down. This, in turn, leads to wrinkles and sagging. So reduce the simple carbohydrates and refined sugar and your skin also has thanked you!

Mistake 2 – You Scrub the Areas Around Your Eye

No matter how exhausted you are, we all know it is essential that the eye makeup must be removed before retiring to bed. But the long-wearing waterproof mascara and eyeshadows, that most of us use, can be stubborn.  And more often than not, we end up rubbing your eyes. But the vigorous removal of eye makeup can damage the delicate skin in the under-eyes. This leads to causing dark circles and broken capillaries. To ensure you are not scrubbing or rubbing your eye area, opt for the oil-based cleanser for melting away your eye makeup. In this case, the micellar solution can get the job done and you don’t have to even rinse.

Mistake 3 – You Drink a Lot

Each and every type of alcohol dehydrates the skin. This implies that the skin appears to be fresh and less plump in the morning and that, too, after drinking alcohol. The skin loses elasticity over time and will form wrinkles because of the lack of hydration. Added to that, alcohol can also have a great impact on the level of vitamin A. This is a very essential antioxidant for the body and skin. This also plays an important role in vitamin A which is important for the collagen production. When you have reduced amount of collagen, the skin’s elasticity is lost. The elasticity and collagen can keep the skin taut, supple and looking young.

Mistake 4 – You Are Not Using an Eye Cream

An eye cream happens to be one of the most significant components of your anti-ageing regime. It is also one of the most commonly ignorable ones.  The skin around the eyes happens to be the thinnest skin on the whole body. This makes it much more susceptible to damage and also more sensitive.

Mistake 5 – You Are Making Makeup Mistakes

The makeup can assist to hide the imperfections and age spots. But if you use the wrong makeup, then that can definitely make you look older than you are. For example, some powders and heavy foundations can settle around the mouth and eyes which accentuate the lines. Swap the foundation for a formula that is lighter or a tinted moisturiser. This will provide coverage while enhancing the luminosity of the skin.

Now that you know these, try to avoid these mistakes so that you can prevent the ageing of the eyes. You should also use an eye cream for dark circles that will help you to retain your beautiful and youthful eyes for ages to come.