5 Festive Tattoo Ideas For Anyone Obsessed With Christmas

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While Christmas is right beside the corner, which brings in the idea of celebrating the event with a new spark; that is to get a festive tattoo. This is one of the ways to stay ahead of fashion and retain the memories and happiness that it brought along with it. For that reason, Christmas tattoos are quite effective when it comes to capturing the essence of this one time of the year and making them permanent.

In case you have been wondering about getting a similar tattoo then we have gathered a few examples with the help of Tattoo Design Inc. and other sources. You might find something that captivates your attention and inspire you.

Watercolor Pine

Trees are one of the most common elements within tattoos, they not only present tranquility but they are an important part of nature as well. A pine tree is one of the main symbols of Christmas, ridden with lights and decors. Some prefer to get tattooed with pine trees and add additional elements around it to make it appear more festive. You can even choose to add ornaments around the tree along with gifts that symbolize the spirit of the event. These vibrant tattoos can vary from style to form and colors.

Fusing Different Ideas

It is better to break away from the usual monotony and think out of the box. The more creative you get with a tattoo the more engaging it is going to turn out to be. Imagination has no limits; you can think for as far as you want. For example, as a diehardStar Wars fan, what clicked me the most was the idea of Yoda in Santa clothes. Being inclined towards Star Wars and Christmas both allowed me to fuse the two elements and turning them into one important piece. You too can do the same for your tattoo, which would allow you to explore more and express more freely as well.

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Using Christmas Messages

The festive is all about spreading love and sharing moments with those you love and value. And what better way would there be to express the importance of people of the festive than by using words itself. You can choose to express your delight and inclination by tattooing quotations. There is a wide array of quotations to choose from that are going to fall under your requirements and needs. Which can be inked on your desired location. Here is one example, “Merry Christmas every day”.

Santa Claus Tattoo

There is no denying how unique tattoos that are distinctive and personal have a charm of their own that cannot be surpassed with any other style or design of the tattoo. And keeping that in mind, no element other than the Santa Claus himself can be more traditional as a tattoo for the special festive of Christmas. For example, there was a tattoo that I witnessed once where Jesus was standing beside the Easter Bunny and Santa. The tattoo forced me to turn my head and take another look at it, and that was merely out of amusement. It was a literal piece of art and nothing less.

Christmas Light Tattoo

Christmas is incomplete without its decoration. Half of the vibe of the festive is due to the decoration that we get to witness and partake in whilst setting it all up. We include various elements such as mistletoes, lights, and stars. And that is what completes the moment. For someone who is looking to get a minimalistic tattoo without adding too many details to it and wishes to keep the ink small then an effective idea would be to go for the decorative items. You can potentially go for a minimal tattoo of a Christmas light which would be clear of its purpose and do that job of portraying your love for Christmas.

Reindeer Tattoos

A reindeer tattoo not only looks captivating but adeptly accessorizes the individual. This delivers the gist of the tattoo that is linked to Christmas and its significance. Not only will it catch attention but allow onlookers to know your love for Christmas. You can add other elements to the tattoo design such as a forest, snow, or even a Christmas tree. There are no confinements when it comes to this, the sky is the limit.

The examples that have been provided above are going to allow you to look into options that can be used to gain inspiration for your own Christmas tattoo. You have all reasons to express your inclination towards the festival. Think out of the box and make use of elements that are a part of the festival, which will help you devote an entire tattoo to Christmas.