5 Leadership Lessons To Learn From Barack Obama


+With everything wrong that’s going in the USA at the moment and with President Trump taking a swing on immigrants, reverting the healthcare, and covfefe, we know you already miss one of the best presidents America has ever had—the honorable  former president Barack Obama.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying that Obama has contributed so much and he left his legacy sealed in good faith. From the healthcare reform to the legalization of gay marriage,  Obama has faced so much controversies and handled each one with grace. He is one great leader indeed.

A great leader gets things done and straight to their agenda on their way to achieving their vision. If you’re in a place right now where you’re leading or managing a team of your own, you may want to learn from one of the greatest.

Here are some leadership lessons we can all learn from former president Barack Obama:

He speaks with “we” in mind instead of “I”

Have it be Osama bin Laden’s death or otherwise, Obama ensures he set his mind and his language with “us” and “we” instead of addressing events as a singular first person to identify with his audience—to convey his message easily and fully.

If you lead and speak with only yourself in mind, your team will find it difficult to identify with what direction you’re heading or what you mean. Inviting them in the narrative invokes shared identity which captures their attention more.

He promotes empowerment

Initially, people regard leaders as authoritative and as someone who orders people around incessantly. This is how other people and some leaders perceive leadership. It shouldn’t be that way.

Obama showed people how leaders should be—to teach people or their team, to encourage them to speak up, to voice what matters, and to act upon it accordingly.

He listens

Active listening is an essential quality not many people and leaders have. Barack Obama has this notable trait—he is sensitive of other people’s conundrums and how his decision can largely impact a community.

How did he win the nation’s hearts and votes? He listened to their predicaments and addressed how he will solve this in his campaigns. He ensures he’s choosing the right words when public speaking and he understands the existing problems, thus, presenting powerful speeches and moving messages of hope addressed to the world.

He is a great communicator

As mentioned earlier, he knows what words to say and how to say it. If we’re talking about oratory, this man is remarkable. He delivers his speeches with eloquence and with just the right amount of humor to keep his audience engaged.

He is persuasive and speaks from the heart. Leaders are and should be great communicators who knows how to deliver their message clearly and effectively.

He has a vision and he inspires others to reach it together

A leader should have a concrete direction of where he’s heading to; and they need to make that vision clear to others in order to inspire them to achieve it with them.

Obama wanted no discrimination in his nation and around the world. He did all he could in his term. If you want to ignite change, set a clear path of your way and unify others to tag along.

What do you admire most about Barack Obama and how did he change your life? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

About the author: Aside from providing tips and hacks in personal and career development, Chie Suarez is also a resident writer for The Fordham Company—one of Australia’s top celebrity management companies and a major celebrity speakers bureau.

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