5 Movies to Inspire Your Home Décor

What movie caught your attention with its interior design and home décor details? From Wes Anderson’s vivid imagery in The Royal Tenenbaums to Baz Luhrmann’s glitzy and glamourous The Great Gatsby, there are no doubt movies such as these inspire us to revamp our home style.

Whether you’re starting off with an empty room as your blank canvas or redesigning your space, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a lineup of movies that will influence your mood and style board that to inspire your home décor taste.

Moonrise Kingdom

We’re not gonna lie, we love everything about Wes Anderson’s films especially the whimsical style and vibrant color palette choices that still manages to make each of his films distinct from one another.

Let’s talk about his film, Moonrise Kingdom. The film screams vintage and bright. It muses the viewers with the rich hues and brilliant interior design. Yellow, orange, green, and blush pink are the most significant colors throughout the film so you might want to paint your walls either of those or at least a chair.


This classic French film does not only inspire travel but also gives us major design inspiration. In the film, you’ll appreciate rich, saturated colors paired with vintage pieces and details here and there.

When choosing a color for a bedroom, it’s likely that red doesn’t even cut to your list. But Amélie fantastically pulls off the less sensual, more relaxing hue flawlessly. Don’t forget to hang picture frames on your bedroom wall and a lamp on your bedside table.

The Great Gatsby

Image source: Movie-Screencaps
Image source: Movie-Screencaps

If you’re looking for grandiose; all the glitz and the glamor, taking inspiration from The Great Gatsby should give you an idea how to pull off a living room with a strong 1920s vibe.

There are a handful of scenes in the movie to take inspiration from: from Gatsby’s parties to Nick Carraway’s humble home. You don’t need to have a mansion to feel like you’re living like the Buchanans, just a touch of vintage pieces from the twenties will do. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to add a couple of flowers in the living room.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly’s “less is more” screaming apartment surely caught a lot of viewers and designer’s attention. Though her living area shows little decor, you still can tell she lives in an eclectic home.

This movie’s illustration of how Holly styles her apartment is a testament that you can live big in a small home. And you can emboss your personality and style effortlessly: the palette center table, repurposed bathtub as a couch, and suitcases as storage are only a few of the many pieces that make her abode her. Don’t let money be an issue, be creative and step up your home decorating.

Eat, Pray, Love

Another movie that hits your thirst to travel, find love, and go on a self-exploration, Eat, Pray, Love, transports you to India, Italy, and Indonesia. Hence, lots of decor inspiration from various locations.

The movie lets you get a peek of the different decor styles of each country all the while causing you a major wanderlust. Let the movie transport you and inspire you to include exotic destination designing in your space. Don’t shy away from putting up a decor that hints various cultures. Let the nomad in you shine through.

What other films that illustrate major home design goals for you? Help another reader out—share it with us!

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