5 Reasons to Help You Choose Between Day School and Boarding School


As the core effort, all different formats of schools strive hard to educate and prepare their students for success. They take up varied approaches and ways to help their students reach their desired goals. However, being a parent, it’s not very easy to choose the right educational track for your child. Many parents ultimately rely upon their instincts to make this decision for their child. Instead, we can make a more informed choice by comparing and weighing up the aspects of different schooling formats.


Now since a day-school and boarding school are the oldest and widely known formats of schooling. In this article, we are introducing you to 5 reasons to help you choose between Day School and Boarding School. To let you ponder and make a more informed decision.

Fees of Day School V/S the fees of Boarding School

Generally, the boarding school is considered more expensive as compared to that of the day-school. But it’s the non-highlighted fact that there are many factors and facility that the boarding school provides in lieu of the charges.


Let’s track some factors that create differences between the fees of Day School and the fees of Boarding School. It’s only the cost of study at large that a student pays in a day school, wherein, a student attends the school generally for their classes for a few fixed hours. Whereas in a boarding school, the students spend their whole time in the school campus round the clock. And the fees they pay fetch them facilities like student-friendly accommodation, breakfasts and meals five times a day, health and medical services, stationery and other days to day requirements.

Teacher accessibility for Constant Guidance

It has been a long tradition in India short, living where you are learning brings more unique advantages. Boarding schools are known for academic excellence, and they exhibit a lead over day boarding school when it comes to the relationship between the teacher and student. The teachers remain on campus longer than a normal day school day and remain accessible to their students. 

Moreover, the students of boarding school also remain in access to each other and get involved in more regular group studies during off-hours given their access to less randomness.

While in a day school, the teacher gets available only for a certain period, hence the student might feel deprived of getting the teacher’s time to clarify their doubts.


Interaction with family and parents 

Students of day school also get to build and enjoy healthy relationships with their families and parents, where they also support the academic success of their wards. Given that, the families are an integral part of any student’s ongoing day to day studies. They help their wards with their homework and projects and contribute to their academic success. Thus the education becomes the part of a child’s life at school as well as at home.


On the other hand, a child gets older in the boarding school, and they become mature enough to handle independence. Life at boarding school offers opportunities for its students to realize their full academic potential and flourish to the fullest. There are a variety of benefits that the students get out of their boarding school experience. Boarders get more time to develop extracurricular interests that impact their life silently and last longer.

Consistency in learning

Day school generally doesn’t involve an unanticipated change in their student’s life and does not leave room for randomness. For instance, if a family is always on the move to attend their job or is placed offshore or for any personal reasons, then it creates a lot of inconveniences and chaos in learning the defined curriculum. Whereas in boarding school, a student doesn’t have to rely on their family or parent, so it offers their students with consistency in every aspect.

Supportability during adolescence

A school witnesses an important aspect of a child’s life- adolescence, a phase that brings up a lot of chaos in the life of young kids. They generally happen to have mood swings and develop other psychological factors. And in this phase, a day boarding allows the parents to give feedback to their kids continuously as they pass thru adolescence.

cognitive skills

On the other hand, a student in this phase craves for independence, which they can avail at boarding school to some extent. And a little freedom to regulate minor aspects of their life can speed up their maturity, helping them prepare themselves for higher studies. Also, in this way, a boarding school serves as a reliable solution if there is any friction in the family.