5 Reasons to See a Sports Medicine Doctor


Over two million athletes in the U.S. suffer from a sports-related injury each year, according to the CDC (2016).

Of those athletes, about half are seeking professional treatment to heal their injury and return to sport stronger than ever. Injured athletes who try home-treatments or ignore the injury usually spend more time out of the game and more money on medical bills due to a worsened injury.

Proactive athletes see sports medicine doctors to prevent sports-related injuries and improve performance. Types of preventative sports medicine, such as physical therapy for athletes, can help athletes stay in the game without interruption from sports-related injuries.

Sports medicine doctors can help both amateur and professional athletes with everything from injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, physical conditioning, and sports psychology.

Athletes who see sports medicine doctors are stronger, fitter, and faster. Here are five reasons why millions of athletes (both amateur and professional) are seeing sports medicine doctors:

#1 To Treat An Acute (Or Sub-acute) Sports Injury

Many athletes see sports medicine doctors to treat acute and sub-acute sports injuries. Acute injuries are injuries that started within the past week, while sub-acute injuries are injuries that have lasted anywhere from a week to twelve weeks.

Primary care doctors can treat certain types of minor sports injuries, but sports medicine doctors have advanced knowledge of the best treatments for sports related injuries.

While primary doctors mainly focus on treating the symptoms of an acute or sub-acute sports injury (such as prescribing rest and medications), sports medicine doctors focus on treating the cause of the injury (such as strengthening weak muscles) so that the injury won’t linger or return.

#2: To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain/injury Once And For All

Athletes who did not get their injury treated quickly enough may end up with chronic pain or injury. Chronic pain/injury is defined as pain/injury that persists or periodically leaves and returns for more than twelve weeks.

Sports medicine doctors are experts in treating chronic pain and injury caused by a sports injury. These types of doctors can fix the root of the issue so that the athlete is healed once and for all.

#3: To Prevent Injuries In The Easiest Way Possible

Most athletes believe that sports medicine doctors are just for healing injuries that already happened. These athletes are missing out, because sports medicine doctors also help numerous athletes prevent injuries from happening, which is much better than rehabilitating an injury.

Sports medicine doctors can identify issues such as lack of flexibility or strength in certain body parts to help an athlete avoid injury. Athletes will condition, stretch, and strengthen the problem areas with specific exercises prescribed by their sports medicine doctor.

A sports medicine doctor will do all the work for the athlete by identifying areas where the athlete can improve – such as posture, strength, or flexibility. Then, the sports medicine doctor will provide specific exercises and preventative treatments. How much easier could injury prevention get?

#4: To Improve Nutrition And The Numbers On The Scale

Lacking ideal nutrition and weight? A sports medicine doctor can help with that, too!

Sports medicine doctors will give you the best nutrition advice for your specific sport and lifestyle, so that you can optimize your athletic performance and feel happy about the numbers you see on the scale.

#5: To Become A Stronger, Fitter, Better Athlete

When athletes want to become stronger, fitter, and better at their sports, they seek the advice of a sports medicine doctor.

Strength and conditioning programs, form analysis, and health advice tailored to your sport and current fitness level are a few of the many ways that sports medicine doctors help athletes get into the best shape of their lives.

No matter your age or fitness level, a sports medicine doctor can help you get in tip-top shape and see positive results in your sports performance.

Athletes are turning to sports medicine doctors not only for physical improvements, but psychological advantages over their opponents. An athlete who combines sports physical therapy with sports psychology, for example, is gaining both a physical and psychological edge that proves handy both on and off the field.

Here’s How You Can Join The Millions Of Athletes Who Are Improving Their Health & Athletic Performance

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