5 Reasons Why Squash Is the Healthiest Sport


I play tennis on a regular basis. Last week I went to the court and the weather became a little harsh. So, me and my partner came up with an idea to utilize our time. We tried out squash. That was my first-time playing squash and I can proudly announce that I enjoyed every bit of it. Later that day I did a little research on how good the squash sport is. I found out many reasons for squash to be the healthiest sport. I have sorted out the top five reasons.


Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Squash makes you run, leap, jump and dive for the ball so your heart and lungs keep working at a top-notch effectiveness. An extreme round of squash will keep your pulse up consistently, making your heart muscle tougher as more blood is pumped throughout the whole body. This results in higher endurance of your heart and lungs.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

Squash is one of the few workouts that use the whole body. As you whip the ball around the court the complex movement requires use of wrist and back muscles. Using these muscles for a long period strengthens those. Also, while playing you need to make short sprints which requires short twitch muscles to spark constantly.

Flexibility and Agility

Jumping, turning, halting, bowing, bouncing, and running are only a portion of the moves the body needs to make in a set of squash. Accordingly, the game requires and encourages its players to be skillful. During different scenarios and conditions squash competitors need to be energetic. While playing you must have the capacity to rapidly stop, begin, and alter course.

Squash lets you to learn how to be quick and bring balance around the court. This happens particularly in the intensity of the first step and while hindering speed by compelling you to move rapidly as you keep up a solid and adjusted position. This position is required to hit the ball hard and precisely. So, there is your flexibility and agility training.

Burns Calories

Squash as a sport is a very calorie burning one. Squash burns around 500 Calories in 30 minutes. We all try so hard to burn calories. We do the morning walks and running and what not. But this sport lets you burn so much calories in so little time. Through burning calories, you can reduce body fat. As a result, our body weight gets reduced.

Mental Exercise

Squash is also a mental exercise. While playing you must keep your focus on the constantly. Also, you have to figure out shots by which you can win. At the beginning squash is an 80% Physical game and 20% mind game. Once you get pro the game becomes 80% mind and 20% physical.  So, squash keeps your mind working as well as the body muscles.

Squash 101

If you are interested to try out squash then here are some things that you should know. The main mechanism is pretty simple. You have to hit the ball with your racquet so that the ball hits the front wall. With this done you get a point and the game is played in sets. Each set completes when any of the players obtain 11 points. If any player fails to hit the ball then he or she gets no point. Same goes for if the ball hits the side walls only and return back.

There are three types of squash balls all types are made of rubber and are hollow. Balls are of three colors. Red, blue and yellow. If the ball warms up the speed of theses balls increase. Beginners play with the blue one. Red one is for armature players and yellow one is used by the pros. Your gaming experience also depends on the type of squash rackets.

Injury Risk

Squash is one of the most injury free sports out there. Firstly, this is an indoor sport. Secondly, with proper measures taken this can be pretty safe sport. Once you get adjusted to the sudden moves you will find yourself even more comfortable with the game. Before starting the game, you must stretch yourself out for some time. Also, you must keep hydrated. Best if you start off with a coach. With the help of a coach you will be able to keep safe as well as become expert in this game.

Final Verdict

Squash is undoubtedly one of the healthiest games. It is up to you if you want to do boring exercises in gyms or do something fun while losing the same amount of calories. So, find a partner and paly some squash together. Good luck.