5 Things You Can’t Do Without While Working from Home


COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. The majority of the global workforce is not working from home instead of offices. Working from home could have been fun if it was just a temporary thing. However, with this pandemic, not seeming to go away anytime soon, we might as well get comfortable in our home offices

Having a good home office was a good-to-have before the virus outbreak, but most of us only working from home offices, having a decent home workstation to work from, has now become a must-have.

Wondering how to make your home office a well-planned place? Here are the things you would need to incorporate in your home workstation so that you don’t miss your office:

Ergonomic office chair:

If you don’t have the budget to invest in a complete set of modular office furniture, you should at least buy an ergonomic office chair. You can find more than one office furniture manufacturer that offers a variety of adjustable office furniture in at all price ranges.

If you have pre-existing health issues like back pain or neck pain, it is even more critical to invest in one that suits your body posture.

Your ergonomic office chair should be adjustable in height, seating, and arm height. Also, it should provide excellent lumbar support. Even if you don’t have any posture-related health issues, if you continue to work on an uncomfortable chair, you may soon be facing these issues.


The next most crucial element of your home office would be your desk. Not all of us would have space at our home to accommodate a huge desk.  Hence, there are many types of desks available in the modular office furniture market, which can help you save or optimize your space.

You can invest in a corner desk that can save a lot of space while providing you extended area to work. A corner desk is very practical, does not take up a lot of room, and gives you extra storage space.

Apart from the corner desk, you can also consider wall mount or foldable work stations. A wall-mounted desk that too a foldable one is a super space saver. The only issue with these desks is that you would need to stand and work on such desks. Hence, these desks may not be suitable for working long hours. You can buy such desks if you will not have to work for more than two to three hours or you already have a sitting desk, and you are looking for a standing desk.


To maintain a comfortable posture, it is important that your feet are also in the right position. Though this is often ignored, providing your feet with proper rest will make a world of difference. It helps you promote blood circulation, improves alignment and blood circulation.

You can buy a footrest from any office furniture manufacturer, Once you start using a footrest, you will see what you have missed all this time.

Desk Lamp:

Apart from the seating arrangement, another element that can help you concentrate on your work is the lighting. Try to get a natural source of light in the morning hours. However, if you work in the evening and night, you would need a practical lamp. Make sure that you adjust the brightness of the lamp. Without adequate lighting, you could strain your eye, causing eye-sight issues.

Printer or Fax:

If the nature of your entails using a lot of paper for scanning, printing, or faxing, it might get very difficult to work from home with a printer or fax machine. Considering the pandemic will take its time to lower its effects, it would be prudent to invest in a printer.

However, a printer can be a cost-intensive investment. Therefore, make sure you research about the printer that will fit your needs and analyze all your options before you buy one.

These five things listed above are essential to make your work from home situation healthy physically and mentally. After going through the options available, make prudent decisions to optimize your home office furniture workspace.

Happy working from home!