5 Tips on How to Pack For European Summer Vacation

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Packing for a summer trip is the best way to get hyped up for your vacation, and if you’re going to Europe, you have even more reason to put thought and effort into your outfits, since all the fashion capitals in the world are situated there. But luggage space is limited, you have so many things in your closet and the clock is ticking: here are tips on how to pack for the best Europe summer vacation of your life.

Watch where you’re going

Europe has quite a few different regions and climates, so you want to check out what the weather is like where you’re going. If you’re up north, even during summer it might be too cold to go swimming in the sea or be in short sleeves outside. The closer you are to the sea, the colder the temperatures are. But if you’re down south, you have nothing to worry about: most of Europe south of Germany is plenty warm during summer, so you can flaunt your dresses and bikinis all day long. Keep in mind that the mountains can still get cold during the night, so if you’re camping out in nature, bring something warm.

Plan a style

This is your time to explore style options and to pick something that might be way out of your usual looks. Forget everything you’ve heard about Europeans being posh with fashion and go wild. That being said, pick a style and stick with it. If all of your clothes are within the same style, there’s no need for you to strategically plan out specific outfits in advance, because everything will go with everything. This allows you to mix and match according to your mood or weather, rather than a present arrangement.

Go for practical

If you’re in Europe, there’s a lot to see. Literally, wherever you are, there are historical wonders to discover, landscapes to capture and cities to trek through. So, even if exploring isn’t on your main agenda, you’ll want to have sporty gear on you. Packing a pair of biker jeans will keep you stylish and practical and good, comfortable walking shoes will keep you on your feet.

Makeup kit

You know that the first thing on this list is sunscreen. It’s definitely not Europe-specific and you should have sunscreen with you literally everywhere you go. But if you’re planning on spending a lot of time on the beach, then make sure it’s a high SPF. You’ll also want some very light makeup (a fully natural style is very much “in” now) and if you’re going to France, Spain or somewhere similar, you can also leave your razor at home. Natural all the way.

Leave some luggage space

If you come to Europe with your suitcase already full, you’ll hate yourself when it’s time to leave, because you are definitely going to be doing some shopping while you’re there. Whether it’s the beautiful ethnic designs of Eastern Europe, the abundant thrift shops in Scandinavia or the ultrahigh fashion of the West, there’s something for everyone. So make sure you’re leaving both space in your luggage and some extra budget on the side if you don’t want to starve at the end of the trip because you saw a dress you just couldn’t ignore.


Besides these tips, pack as you would for any other destination. If you’re going to do a tour around Europe, go for a neutral style so you fit in everywhere, but if you’re going to one place, you can focus more on something that vibes with that area. Make sure you take all your chargers and pay for the mobile data, because those pictures deserve to be shared with the world!