5 Ways to Look After Children’s Psychological Health & Wellbeing


Most of the children’s have heard about the Covid-19 outbreak and noticed everything is not going good in this time. Some of the children have scared the changes going on around them.  It’s a time to guide and support children during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the some tips you can support your child during the pandemic..!!

Discuss Coronavirus with Your Child

It’s important to inform your child about this coronavirus pandemic. Make sure the information is based on the true facts whatever they have hearing from their friends and news channels.

Allow your child to share their fears

It’s important to allow your kids to share their worries and fears about this pandemic. Try to solve your kid queries regarding to this.

Emotional Expression

If you child don’t understand about this. You can draw a pictures of the things that you child has noticed in their life.

Stay Safe & Healthy

It’s important to empowering your kids to adopt healthy habits like regular hand wash, not touch any object.  Please guide your kids to wear a mask when they get contacted with other person.

Establish a good routine

You can also build good habits on your kids like eating together, play mind games and gardening habits in your kid.