6 Oral Healthy Habits for Your Kids

Oral Healthy Habits

As adults and as parents it is very important that we teach good things to children from the very beginning. And we have seen parents teaching their kids the difference between good and bad and many such things that they think is important to instill.

Childhood is the age where you can shape your kids, make them be the person you want them to be. It is the age where parents can inculcate good habits in their kids. We’ve seen parents doing that since ages now.

Parents teach their child healthy habits like washing their hands before and after meals, eating healthy, brushing their teeth, so on and so forth.

Through this blog we will talk about Oral Health and what habits can parents develop in their child to maintain their Oral Health.

Good oral practice starts at a very early age, but then it is more for the parents than the children. For example, it is very important that we keep the mouth of the child clean even if there aren’t any teeth. This can be done by using a clean cotton cloth. One just needs to clear out the gums and the tongue of the child using a cotton cloth. This is important so that nothing is left inside the mouth of your baby and is necessary after the baby had consumed milk.

The oral health to be taken care of by the kid begins as soon as he/she knows how to hold a toothbrush. This is the time to teach them good oral practices as they are very keen on learning and grasp things quickly. Such habits are:

The correct way of Brushing – Surely, we teach our kids that they should brush their teeth twice a day i.e. in the morning and before going to bed. But do we teach them the correct method as well? Do we actually pay heed to this habit which will stay with them for the rest of their life? For this do we know the correct way of brushing the teeth?

While brushing we should be gentle and should move the toothbrush up and down with vertical strokes or we can also opt for brushing in the circular motion. Make sure that your kids adopt such practice as then even though they will be brushing twice a day, it will not be of much help. For them to learn the correct way, it will be helpful if we brush with them and showing them the right way.

Flossing – Floss is a thread that helps us to reach the areas between the teeth. This ensures that there isn’t any food particle stuck between your teeth which can be a reason for decay. Though it is quite an easy exercise yet not that simple as it sounds. This is because if your child is not flossing in the correct order, then he/she might the gums which then can be really painful. Moreover, push them to go for it at night preferable after dinner.

Healthy Diet – A balanced diet as we say not only keep your overall health in better shape but also prevents you from gum disease and tooth decay. The nutrients in fruits and vegetable help your teeth to be strong. If you are looking out for snacking options for your kids, then instead of going ahead with chocolates and chips which are salty, sweet and processed, go for a healthier option. Adding food items such as apples, strawberries, cereals, and carrots is a beneficial as this will then keep a check on your kids’ overall health and will also help them to maintain healthy overall health.

Sharing is not always caring – We’ve always taught our kids that sharing is caring. But in some cases, sharing can prove to be harmful to their Oral Health. For instance, if your child is sharing a brush with his/her friend or sibling then it can be contagious as the germs in their mouth can be transferred via a toothbrush. Do not share your child’s utensils with anyone as babies catch the germs easily and are therefore a contagious affair.

Regular Dental Check-ups – Taking your child to a dentist since the very beginning will develop a healthy relationship with the dentist. It is important to develop healthy relationships because we need to maintain good oral health and for that visiting a kids dentist after every six months is a must.

Your kids’ dental care is in your hands and how to deal with it also depend on you. Look for kids