6 Specialty Items to Include in Your Restaurant Menu This Year


When placing your order with food companies in Dubai, you want to ensure that you are stocking your kitchen and designing your restaurant menu to attract new clientele. To help you take your offerings to the next level, read on for the six speciality items you need to include in your restaurant menu this year.

1. Luxury Burgers

Burgers are a staple in many restaurant menus; however, if you are looking to upgrade your offerings this year, then you want to make sure you are preparing something luxurious. This year, some of the top burger trends include speciality burger blends (such as a mushroom-beef burger) or luxury beef options like Pure Veal or Black Angus.

A top-quality burger product works as a fantastic base for a variety of sensational toppings such as grilled poblano peppers, Gruyere and a fried egg, Feta cheese and cucumber sauce, or pickled mushrooms. In fact, there is a wide array of combinations you can make to ensure that your burger options stand out from the competition.

2. Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is the ultimate luxury meat item as it is considered the best beef available. Originating in Japan, Wagyu beef is distinctive from other beef options because it is highly marbled, which results in a more flavorful, tender and juicy meat. Due to the marbled texture and significant fat percentage, Wagyu beef has a rich and buttery taste that melts in your mouth.

As it is so flavorful, Wagyu beef is usually served by itself with some simple salt and pepper seasoning. The best accompaniments are traditionally a neutral vegetable, such as a potato gratin that balances the tenderness of the Wagyu. Make sure that you also have a wine on the menu that pairs well with Wagyu such as a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Malbec.

To ensure you are offering diners the highest quality items possible, make sure you are purchasing from the top Wagyu beef suppliers in Dubai.

3. Smoked Fish

Smoked fish is becoming popular around the world as more individuals realize the health benefits of this tasty type of fish that has been cured by smoking. The omega-3 fatty acids that are found in smoked fish are proven to be beneficial for the heart and brain. Options for smoked fish include bluefish, mackerel, swordfish and tuna as they all have enough fat to absorb plenty of flavor.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate smoked fish on your menu, including an open-face smoked-mackerel sandwich or a farro salad with smoked trout. For appetizers, you may want to offer a smoked fish and crackers platter or a smoked fish dip with bread or crisps. And, you can never go wrong with a smoked fish chowder or a smoked fish with avocado salad.

4. Patés and Terrines

Patés and terrines are other food items that are becoming more trendy in restaurants around the globe. There are many ways to savor the delicious flavors and textures of these food items, and you can get creative with how you serve them in your restaurant.

For an elegant and tasty appetizer, consider serving paté with a fresh baguette on a garnished plate, or add it to your cheese and fruit platter. Mushroom patéspair exceptionally well with eggs, making the former the ideal ingredient to enhance your omelettes or with other egg dishes that you serve as part of your breakfast or brunch menu.

Other options include adding paté to sandwiches or tartines for a fresh yet unexpected flavor, stuffed into vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and celery, or along with meats and potatoes for a truly delicious entree.

While similar in ingredients, terrine is cooked differently from paté and is a more moist and flavorful dish. Usually, you can serve it as a stand-alone meal in its container or simply sliced with accompaniments such as salads, pickles, and bread. You can also opt to wrap it in puff pastry and bake it.

However you prepare your paté and terrine, you can be assured that your patrons will be excited to see the option on your menu.

5. Specialty Bread

Over the past couple of years, restaurants have taken their bread offerings to a new level which has spurred diners to become more familiar with speciality bread. Also, this trend isn’t slowing down. Therefore, it is crucial that you are paying attention to your customers and offering artisan bread that is specifically catered to your cuisine, aesthetic, and clientele.

The type of bread you offer is going to depend mainly on the rest of your menu, but with so many varieties of bread available, you are guaranteed to find one that is suitable. In many cases, serving homemade bread may not be an option, so instead, you want to opt for a local artisan bread or a more extensive supplier that prioritizes craftsmanship.

The more local you can go with your bread supplier, the fresher the products will be and the better the bread will taste for your patrons.

6. Craft Ciders

Ciders have become the drink of choice for many millennials who are looking to try something new in the craft beer category. Hard cider is bottled like a beer and has a similar alcohol content level (ranging from 4.5 percent to 10 percent alcohol by volume), but has a more fruity taste like wine. No wonder so many people are ordering it while out to dinner!

Usually, cider is made from apples, although there are variations that are made from pears. Artisanal cider is best served at room temperature and can be paired with almost all savory dishes ranging from fatty meats to spicy dishes and even cream-based recipes.

Plus, as cider is naturally gluten-free, it is an ideal option on your menu for customers who are looking for gluten-free beverage options.

What do you think are some of the speciality items that need to be included on menus this year? Are you considering adding any of the above or do you have other ideas in mind? Let us know your thoughts and any relevant insights in the comments below!


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